: <p>In an interview with hip-hop personality<strong> Angela Yee </strong>at Rock The Bells, the New Jersey-bred beatsmith explained exactly what his reaction was to <a href="http://www.sohh.com/2008/07/news-sohh-exc-2.html">being handcuffed and brutally be

Tuesday, Aug 5, 2008 6:00AM

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After news broke last week of an assault on Kidz in the Hall DJ, Double O, the producer has come forward to reveal exactly what happened and what injuries he obtained during that fateful night in Arizona.

In an interview with hip-hop personality Angela Yee at Rock The Bells, the New Jersey-bred beatsmith explained exactly what his reaction was to being handcuffed and brutally beaten at Tempe's Cherry Lounge & Pit by club security and how he plans on profiting from the incident.

"I can't fight the damage that was caused to me, you know, because I was outnumbered by a bunch of people," Double O confessed. "It was at a venue that we had just performed and, you know, it was a ridiculous situation that they will unfortunately make me pretty rich from and who knows, second, third, fourth album might be on I Gotcha Records." [Listen Here]

O then began to detail what pain and surgery he has suffered since the event.

"I have a plate in my eye right now," he explained. "Two lacerations. One to the eyebrow the other to the—that's split, a vertical laceration that split my eyelid in half. And um, an MCL sprain on my left knee." 

As SOHH previously reported, Double O's partner in rap, Naledge, was arrested for reportedly refusing police commands. Despite these allegations, he jokingly said the arrest was based on clothing prejudice and why it was necessary to be "certified" in hip-hop. 

"They just wanted to induct me in to the fraternity of being African-American—I'm not officially a black man or a rapper until I get arrested," he sarcastically reasoned. "They just decided that my sneakers were too fresh and that I need to go to jail so they could steal them."

Before ending the interview, the duo warned listeners to never go to the Cherry Lounge "unless you want to go to St. Luke's Hospital."

Together since forming a group in 2000 at a Penn State talent show, Kidz In The Hall dropped their first album, School Was My Hustle, with famed underground label Rawkus Records. Currently signed to Duck Down, the group recently released their sophomore LP, The In Crowd, featuring the single ""Drivin' Down The Block (Low End Theory)."

Kidz is currently a part of this year's renowned "Rock The Bells" tour, along with headlining acts Nas, A Tribe Called Quest, Method Man & Redman and Rakim.

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