Exclusive: Tailor Made Talks Life After New York

Tuesday, Aug 5, 2008 3:35PM

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Written By Brandi Hopper


With a fleet of cameras following her throughout the Hollywood hills on her new reality show, "New York Goes to Hollywood," it's clear that Tiffany Pollard aka New York has moved on. But there's life after the reality starlet for Tailor Made, too.

SOHH caught up with the winner of New York's heart from the last season of her reality dating competition, "I Love New York" and found out the spoils were a tad bittersweet.

Tailor Made presented a giddy New York with a diamond ring on the "ILNY" reunion show, but a lot's changed since then. The engagement's off.

"We're just very different people," he said. "The same things that I'm very attracted to in her are the same things that made a relationship with her difficult. She's very emotionally volatile, very passionate, which is great but at the same time that can present a challenge in a relationship. We're good friends. She's definitely a sweetheart but I just think we weren't very compatible. I still wish her the best and I think she's going to be very successful with her acting career."

That volatility that attracted Tailor Made will no doubt fuel New York's most recent venture into reality TV. The new show follows her to Tinsel town in search of stardom. Given just 30 days to land a part, the audience will see New York run lines, audition and adjust to life out West, while inevitably falling into the signature antics that have made her famous.

Tailor Made visited her in Cali and appears in an upcoming episode. "I think it's great that the audience would get to see her acting ability and get to see her pursue a career in Hollywood, so I came out to support her," he said.

"I think it played out interestingly for the audience and I think they'll be entertained which I think is the purpose of the show."

But he has no reality TV aspirations for himself and he hasn't even tuned in to I Love Money -- the new VH1 show that pits a few "ILNY" vets against each other and other reality stars -- he's keeping busy in real life where his name is George Weisgerber.

"I'm not looking to be an actor or anything like that. Fashion is my bread and butter," Weisgerber said. But he has couple of projects in the works, though he stresses they're "just for fun."

He's got a part in an upcoming indie film, Untitled Chapters, directed by Igor Yankilevich.

"He wanted me to not bathe for a week so I could really get into the part," Weisgerber said of the director. "He wanted me to be really disheveled … being the metrosexual that I am … I think I went 12 hours." The movie is currently in production and will be shopped at festivals once completed.

He's also trying his hand at stand-up comedy in his spare time. And on the personal side, Weisgerber's back on the market.

"On the market, but not looking," he clarified. "If you don't look for love, that's how you find it. That's how I'm approaching it at this moment."

Weisgerber wouldn't comment on whether or not New York returned the ring.

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