Exclusive: From "G" To Motivational Speaker, Former Reality Contestant Inspired By Stint On MTV

Thursday, Aug 21, 2008 6:00AM

Published by SOHH.com

Written By Danica Dow


Two of the contestants from Fonzworth Bentley's reality competition "From G's To Gents" were denied membership into the Gentleman's Club earlier this week.  SOHH caught up Shaun, one of the guys who got the boot, to talk about his untimely exit, his plans for the future and who he would pick to win.

On Tuesday's episode Shaun, a well-spoken G from the Bronx, decided that some of the other contestants were more deserving of the $100,000 prize.  He packed his bags and nominated himself for eviction hoping that Fonzworth would see that as an act of a true gentleman.

Instead Bentley sent him packing.


"Fonzworth Bentley tried to make it look like I was just a quitter and I gave up which was not the fact behind it," Shaun said. "He just expected so much more from me.  He expected so much out of me.  When I went up there he didn't think that what I was trying to do was trying to show that I was a true gentleman."

If he had it to do over again, Shaun said he would never have tried to be a martyr.

"If I could change one thing I would've never packed my bags and put a ball in the box," he said. "I woulda stayed shut and left it alone. That's what I shoulda done."

Although he will not walk away with the $100,000 prize Shaun is taking something away from his time on the MTV reality show.  He said he came to the show to find out what was holding him pack from progressing in life.

"I felt like I was really missing something in my life," he explained.  "Basically what I was missing was a vision. Now I have a lot more different goals to go to.  I found out that I have a gift for gab, I can talk to people.  I'm a good motivational speaker I direct people in the right way."

Being a big brother and mentor to some of the guys in the house has opened up a new career field for the former G. 

"Those guys on the show helped me go ahead and bring out what I'm really good at," he told SOHH. "I'm going to start going to school for Psychology and maybe I'll pick up a career in being a motivational speaker."

As far as competition goes, Shaun thinks Creepa, the G from Miami Gardens, Florida, should take the crown.  Out of all of the contestants he believes the Creepa would benefit the most from the change.

"I really think that by him staying on the show and winning it might actually open up his eyes a little bit," he said.  "Before I left I saw the changes.  I saw what he was trying to do and I saw where he was headed."

"From G's to Gents" airs on MTV on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

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