Exclusive: Devin The Dude Explains His Rap-A-Lot Departure, Extends A "Coughee" Invitation To Woody Harrelson

Saturday, Aug 2, 2008 2:23PM

Published by SOHH.com

By Danica Dow



Devin The Dude speaks out about leaving his longtime label home Rap-A-Lot Records, his desire to smoke a blunt with Woody Harrelson, and he reveals to SOHH the secrets behind his his fifth studio album, Landing Gear.

After 15 years on the Rap-A-Lot roster Devin the Dude decided to walk away from the Houston based independent label. "The contract was just up at Rap-A-Lot," Devin explains. "I've been with them 15 years and I felt it was time to just continue with my career. It wasn't nothing that was totally wrong with the relationship or whatever it was just time to move on."

Devin's new move was to Razor & Tie, an established punk and metal label that is making its foray into urban music. Devin signed a one album deal and is planning to release his fifth studio album, Landing Gear, on the indie label this fall.

"Landing Gear is pretty cool.  [It's] a pretty refreshing album. I have a lot of in house cats that I used to work with though the years [like] my brother [and] the Coughee Brotherz," said Devin.

According the to veteran rapper, the album's title represents, "having what you need when you get to wherever you're going."

"It's been pretty crazy throughout the course of [my career] so I'm settling down and just concentrating on the music and getting real acquainted with what's going on in the studio, getting hands on with the mixing and the mastering and the recording and all that."

Over the years, Devin has made fans of everyone from Scarface to Dr. Dre but his most surprising fan is Emmy-award winning actor, Woody Harrelson.

"I was recording with Dre doing The Chronic album and we was just going over some stuff.  Woody Harrelson is a friend of his so he was telling me, 'Woody Harrelson really loves you.'  It shocked me right there but that was cool," said Devin.

Devin has an idea of what attracted the actor to his music. "Probably, we're Coughee brotherz together," he said, referring to the slang term for marijuana. "He sip a little Coughee too. I might smoking a joint or a blunt or whatever man it would be cool [to] just indulge in some Coughee with him."

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