Exclusive: Chamillionaire Sets Up New Album W/ Mixtape Messiah 4, Calls For Unity In Houston

Wednesday, Aug 27, 2008 2:00PM

Published by SOHH.com

Written By Danica Dow


With the fourth edition of his Mixtape Messiah series dropping today, SOHH caught up with Chamillionaire to discuss his plans for a forth quarter takeover.

The Mixtape Messiah 4 was originally slated for release in December of 2007 but the untimely passing of Houston rapper Pimp C caused Cham to push it back. In the original songs Chamillionaire says he used shock value to try to resuscitate the Houston rap scene.

"It was me trying to give Texas a jumpstart," he said. "I was trying to create this lil competitive culture again but I think it woulda been in bad taste after the Pimp C thing so I kinda like postponed it and kinda like changed it up."

Since then, Chamillionaire has added tracks with fellow Texas rappers Slim Thug, Trae, Paul Wall and Lil' Flip to the line-up. He's optimistic that collaborations like these will help to unify the H-Town movement.

"I don't care who think they're the biggest, who thinks they're the king, who thinks they run the streets. It's a collective thing. You see all the other movements that [are] doing good from Atlanta to Miami, they're all working with each other."

Chamillionaire said his favorite song on the mixtape is called, "Roll Call Reloaded / Fire Drill" where he pushes the envelope and impersonates other rappers. "I imitate Jeezy. I imitate Jim Jones. I imitate Game. I imitate Rick Ross. I imitate basically everybody who I feel is doing it."

"It's just another way to show your creativity," he explained. "What's your purpose if you're not either trying to give people something creative or say something?

Chamillionaire intends to follow up this mixtape with two more releases in 2008. The Mixtape Messiah 5 will be released in November and Cham's yet to be titled, third studio album will get a December release.

"I know it's been little minute. I took a little break but I'm basically about to flood it right now with a lot of creative material," Chamillionaire told SOHH.

"I feel like if you drop a song and it's hot people forget about it after like a week so you have to have enough material to where you can keep on releasing," he said. "I think some of the dopest artists could be a lot further if they would just drop more material, me included."

The Mixtape Messiah 4 is available now.

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