Exclusive: Big Boi Steps Out of The Box On New Album, "My Sound Is On Another Galaxy"

Sunday, Aug 3, 2008 6:30AM

Published by SOHH.com

Written By Thomas A. Harden


OutKast's Big Boi is gearing up for the release of his new solo album Sir Luscious Leftfoot: Son of Chico Dusty this fall. SOHH caught up with the ATLien to discuss his role in the upcoming presidential election, holding the torch for his father and his coming of age disc.

"The concept is basically the grown version of Big Boi," Big told SOHH. "I came out on Southerplayalistic at 15-16-years-old, I was Big Boi. I've matured, I've been around the world and I have grown up, so now it's all about ‘Sir Luscious Leftfoot,' the knight in rhyming armor is here."

When asked about the second part of his album title, Big broke down the meaning behind ‘Chico Dusty.'

"'Sir Chico Dusty' is basically my father," he explained about his album title. "My father was in the military, and that was his nickname. He was a bad, bad man. He was cool as a muthaf*cka. I'm the offspring of that man right there. He's no longer with us, so I'm holding the flag for him right now."

The first single off the set is the politically charged track, "Sumthin' Gotta Give," featuring Mary J. Blige. The song touches on world issues from the war in Iraq, to rising gas prices, to the upcoming presidential election. Big wanted to release a single that would not only entertain but address the issues affecting the masses.

"I wanted to put that out first for the people, talking about social and political issues that is going on in the world today and not just a bunch of gibberish," he revealed. "It's time for it. We have the biggest election of our lifetime about to go down."

When asked about his views on the upcoming election, Big stated he wanted to use his position in hip-hop to help influence young voters.

"I love it man," he stated. "The voter turnout is going to be groundbreaking again. There are people that have been following my whole career for about 10-12 years now, who know what I'm about, so I'm going to tell them who I like in the election. It's all about freedom of speech and having your own opinion."

Sir Luscious Leftfoot wouldn't be complete without the collaboration from his OutKast partner in rhyme, Andre 3000. Dre and Raekwon the Chef teamed up on the infectious street single "Royal Flush." Other appearances on the set include T.I. George Clintion, Too $hort and Goodie Mob with production from longtime OutKast hitmakers Organized Noize as well as Scott Storch and Lil' Jon.

"If you like any OutKast album up until now, then you're going to love this muthaf*cka right here," he explains. "My sound has already been out of this world. I guess it's in another galaxy now. I might turn into a black hole and swallow the rest of this shit. It's gotten there, way bigger.  From beginning to end and you just go on an adventure."

Sir Luscious Leftfoot: Son of Chico Dusty hits stores In October on his Purple Ribbon imprint via Jive.

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