Pulse Report: The Game Threatens Jay-Z - "I'll Bust Your Lips & Turn The Roc-A-Fella Sign Into A Pee Stain," Mike Jones Gets Knocked Outta The Ozone, Diddy "Up" for Any Sexual Challenge

Friday, Aug 15, 2008 12:00AM

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Written By Archie Fucque


In this week's Pulse Report the streets are buzzing about The Game's warning shot to Jay-Z, Mike Jones' fight at the Ozone Awards, Diddy's XXX Olympics proposal and Prodigy's jail visit from  The Alchemist.

[Editor Note: The views of this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH.com]

1. Career Suicide. With 50 Cent in hiding since the T.O.S (Terminate On Sight) catastrophe, The Game is looking for a new contender to spar with. Apparently he's calling out the biggest fish in the pond, Jay-Z. The Compton rapper made an appearance on Phoenix radio station 104.7, where he was told that Jay-Z made some disparaging remarks about him while at Wimbledon. According to the show's host Chino, Jay said something to the effect that he wouldn't beef with Game, but would rather see the rapper "commit suicide." Well The Game didn't mince any words in his response.

"I think Jay-Z is iconic and I bang his albums," he said. "He can use that against me if he likes and say that 'I'm a fan' but bottom line is I'm too disrespectful for Jay-Z.  I go too hard.  His beef is mediocre beef, it's more swag, it's less hardcore. Me, I go in on your grandmother, your kids and your girl.  It will get ugly and I don't mind. My coast will turn their back on whoever I'm beefing with. So let me commit suicide.  I'm the only cat who can commit suicide and resurrect every time.  If you fuck with me I turn into a beast and I will rip your head off.  I'll bust your lips and turn the Roc-A-Fella sign into a pee stain… If he got something to promote let me be your tool and watch you get broke down limb by limb.  It's no games." [Listen Here]

He even went on Greg Street's radio show to drop a freestyle about it. [Watch Here]

SMH. Cue "Jocking Jay-Z." Seems like someone has an album coming out and they need some manufactured beef with Jigga to sell some copies. At least he's learned a few things from 50 Cent. But what I want to know is who the hell decided to make Belly 2 and make The Game the star. As horrible as it looks, I gotta peep that. I wonder how Sincere's (Nas) trip to Africa went?

2. Danger Zone. Houston we have a problem. Some rappers still haven't learned award show etiquette. The Ozone Awards hit the H-town to hand out hip-hop accolades and a UFC fight card broke out. Among various scuffles throughout the week long festivities; members of Rick Ross' entourage served DJ Vlad a beat down, while Mike Jones received a bloody grill courtesy of fellow Houston rapper Trae Tha Truth. No word on whether Vlad was sent to solitary after his dust up, but there was video from the aftermath of the Jones' fight. [Watch Here].

To be fair here's Trae's version of the event. [Watch here]

After all the hoopla Trae released this statement:

"I have to take the time out to apologize to the kids, and to anyone who follows and supports my career for what happened at the Ozone Awards this past Monday night. I told myself that I was gonna do my best for the new era of the streets not to go through the experiences that I go through in life. For a split second, I almost entertained the little-girl tactics of a person who is really irrelevant nowadays. Things like this happen in life every day and I do not have the time to entertain this any more. I would like the world to tell Mr. Jones that he can thank me later for his split second of fame. Right now, I'ma keep it moving."

Wow. When I initially heard Mike Jones was in a fight with Trae Tha Truth, my first reaction was, Who? And no I wasn't referring to Mike Jones.  But I've got a solution for the problem. From now on all hip-hop award shows should be held in conjunction with UFC events. This way the violence doesn't seem out of place.

3. Hold You Down. Incarcerated Mobb Deep rapper Prodigy got a visit from a familiar face this week. Longtime producer Alchemist took an up north trip to kick it with his locked down homie for a couple of hours. Al even blogged about his visit.

"A steel door slid open, and Pee rolled in, unaccompanied… with the H.N.I.C. bop, maroon shirt with the state greens, and a pair of all black rebooks like just another day holding it down as usual.

He rolls up to the dickhead desk and waits for them to point him to our table. Now one of the dickheads barks at him. Tells him to step back until he calls him to the desk. Pee steps back, and 2 seconds later he calls him up.

I'm thinking, ‘that man is a dick.' But I guess I keep forgetting that its jail." [Read here]


I wonder what P was blogging about before Al showed up. Here's another dose of the trife life from Alchemist.

"Jail is foul. Everything about it is designed to break your spirit. I mean from the stink smells, to that ' frying electric chair' sound that the doors make when they open and close, to those funk looks on the CO's faces......... even little shit like the colors they use to paint the walls. Foulness. You know from the second you pull off the highway onto that long, secluded road in the middle of the straight up Ozark woods that this could never, ever, never be a place that any human would willingly choose to go to."

I really like Al's blogging. I feel him 100% on this. I still don't get why rappers are hailed for doing time. You don't see anyone from the Forbes 500 showering Martha Stewart for doing a bid.

4. Peak Performer. Leave it to the global trendsetter Sean "Diddy" Combs to figure out a way to make the Olympics more appealing. The entertainment mogul was asked by New York magazine what event he would he win a gold medal for at the Olympics and his response got a rise out everyone.

"Who could have sex the longest. I think that's an event I can do well in," he said. "And probably who could stay up the longest. Just so you know, that's supposed to be funny. Even though I am serious."

Who would he compete against? He tells the magazine:

"Whoever's up for the challenge."

I'm feeling up for the challenge. Team Fucque is ready to go. I'm petitioning for Cassie, Lauren London and D. Woods to be my partners.

That's all from me folks. Hit me up at [email protected] for a healthy back and forth. Gotta go work on my backstroke for the 2012 Olypmics.

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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