Exclusive: "Miss Rap Supreme" Rece Steele Carries on Tradition, Recalls Mom’s Beef W/ Roxanne Shante

Sunday, Jul 13, 2008 6:38AM

Published by SOHH.com

Written by Thomas A. Harden


Fresh off being crowned champion on VHI's female hip-hop competition "ego trip's Miss Rap Supreme," Rece Steele has been busy putting the finishing touches on her debut album, Hard As Steele. SOHH caught up with the Bronx-bred femcee to discuss her road to victory and uncover the beef her mother had with Roxanne Shante back in the day.

Rece was raised by her mother, who at the time was also a pioneering female rapper in hip-hop by the name of L.A. Star. Discovered by KRS-One in the late ‘80s, Star was a part of Boogie Down Productions as a b-girl and later moved on to record an album on Profile Records. Early in her mother's career, Rece recalled her mother being labeled as a bad parent by Shante.

"Early in [my mother's] career she had beef with Roxanne Shante over bringing me to events, studio, shows, photo events and magazine interviews," Rece told SOHH. "Roxanne said it was inappropriate to bring your kids along and see these things. I was 4 or 5 years-old being around KRS, I was there. [My mom] introduced the whole hip-hop scene to me."

Undeterred by Shante's comments, Rece is grateful for the hip-hop lessons her mother passed on to her.

"She opened my eyes to the whole entertainment world," she said. "I actually think it was a good thing because it taught me a lot."

Although, Rece's mom is proud of her daughter's accomplishment, she still looks to shield her from the burden of the industry.

"My mother is very proud of me, but she's also worried," Rece said. "She just wants me to stay focused and do what I have to do and stay away from the snakes and everything else that's involved in the music industry. I kind of have to tell her to relax, she's my mom, but I'm also grown and I need that independence to be free to do what I want. She lectures me on every little thing that going on."

Currently, shopping her debut, Hard As Steele, to major labels such as Def Jam and Atlantic, Rece's lead single "L.B.B." (Little Big Bastard) has been picking up on the net and the lyricist is nominated as best female artist of the year at the Underground Music Awards.

Shifting her focus on to new challenges, Rece will compete in pay-per-view event, The World Series of Hip-Hop million dollar battle competition in Atlanta, Ga from August 5- 9th.

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