Exclusive: Lloyd Explains Bond W/ Lil’ Wayne, "We Both Lost Our Fathers Tragically In The N.O. Streets"

Sunday, Jul 20, 2008 6:00AM

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Written By Janeé Bolden


With just two weeks until the release of his third album Lessons in Love, Lloyd opened up to SOHH about stepping up his production game, working with Lil Wayne and dropping on the same day as Ne-Yo.

Lessons in Love features appearances from Weezy along with production from Usher's brother JLack ("Get It Shawty") Polow Da Don and Lloyd himself.

"I co-produced "Girls Around the World," Lloyd revealed to SOHH. "Me, Jasper and Reese did that one. That was one of the last songs that we recorded. It was a bassline idea I had in my head for some time and I just wanted to release it. Thanks to Jasper and Reese, they gave me the chance to develop and try what it was I was hearing."

Lloyd shares his August 5th release date with fellow R&B star Ne-Yo, who will drop Year of the Gentleman on the same day. With his own busy promotion schedule, Lloyd told I he hadn't realized their releases coincided.

"That's hot! I didn't even know that," Lloyd said. "August is gonna be a huge month, especially for R&B. Ne-Yo's my boy. I'm feeling his single – ‘Closer' is hot."

Lloyd's current single "Girls Around the World" features Wayne, who previously joined him on last year's first single "You." Asked to explain the dynamic behind those successful collaborations, Lloyd chalked it up to chemistry and common experiences.

"It's just something that can't be bought in a store," Lloyd explained. "It's just a swagger, we got good musical chemistry. I guess it's got a lot to do with things we have in common, both being young, both having a deep passion for music and making people move, both being born in New Orleans. "

"We both lost our fathers tragically in the New Orleans streets," he revealed. "They were both murdered, they both died by the gun. For us music has been a refuge, it's been a positive constructive elevation out of the harsh reality of the hood. We have a lot in common, on and off the record, which helps."

While the young singer says he's "enjoying every minute" of the anticipation leading up to his release, he can't wait for fans reactions once they hear his latest project.

"I'm most excited about the reaction," Lloyd told SOHH. "The feeling that it's gonna give them when they listen to it -- when they say, ‘Hmm this makes me feel really good…' Through listening to it it's always a friend tells a friend and by the end of the year they'll be saying ‘Lloyd has one of the hottest CD's of the year.'"

Lessons in Love lands in stores August 5 via The Inc./Universal Motown.

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