: <p>Hot Stylz - which is comprised of <strong>Krayzee</strong>, <strong>Meatball</strong> and <strong>Raydio G</strong> - consider themselves more as entertainers than emcees.</p><p>"We're entertainers, not rappers," <strong>Raydio G</strong> told SOHH.

Friday, Jul 11, 2008 6:00AM

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Written By Thomas A. Harden


Chicago based trio Hot Stylz took the age-old tradition of comedic roasting and turned it into a hit song with "Lookin Boy." SOHH caught up with the funny men of rap as they put all jokes aside to discuss their recent signing to Yung Joc's Swagg Team imprint and why they don't think of themselves as rappers.

Hot Stylz - which is comprised of Krayzee, Meatball and Raydio G - consider themselves more as entertainers than emcees.

"We're entertainers, not rappers," Raydio G told SOHH. "A rapper is more like a Young Jeezy, Nas, Rakim these are all rappers, when we say we're entertainers we do everything. You might even catch

Hot Stylz singing. You might catch us stripping butt naked on stage [laughs], but it's not all just limited to rap though. Right now, it's just about having a good time." Hot Stylz was formed six years ago when the trio met in high school rapping during their lunch breaks. From there the three's bond grew as hip-hop and routine roast sessions united the crew.

"We clown on each other all the time, just sitting in the house and joking on people, acting ignorant," explains Raydio. "One day we just wanted the world to hear it and we was at Meatball's house and he turned on the mic and we went for it in one take."

What was spawned from their comedy session was the original version to "Lookin Boy," titled "Looking A*s N*gga." The trio loaded the track to YouTube and the video spoof caught the attention of Bad Boy/Block Entertainment artist Yung Joc, who contacted the group.

"Yung Joc caught wind of the original version and he thought it was a good idea if he would jump on the remix," Raydio recalls. "Joc's a fool. A lot people think Joc is just a thug-gangsta dude or whatever, I am not saying he's a punk but Joc has a funny side to him. So the chemistry is great."

With humorous lines that poke fun at each other and pop culture ("Scooby Dooby Doo! Mike Vick lookin boy") the success of "Lookin Boy" earned Hot Stylz a spot on Joc's Swagg Team roster via Jive Records. The hit song became so hot that rappers from Bow Wow to Lil' Kim, among a dozen others have recorded their own versions.

"A lot of people are embracing the project," explains Raydio. "A lot of people in the game who you would think wouldn't like it, like gangster rappers, are embracing the project too. There's a lot of love on there."

Look for Hot Stylz' debut album, Yo Mama Gotta Mustache, to hit stores later this summer.

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