Pulse Report: T.I. & Gza Go At 50 Cent, Rick Ross Honors The Blue Wall Of Silence, Yung Berg Apologizes To The "Dark Butts," Young Buck Grapples W/ His Past

Friday, Jul 18, 2008 12:00AM

Published by SOHH.com

Written By Archie Fucque


In this week's Pulse Report the streets are buzzing about GZA planning a lyrical attack on 50 Cent, Rick Ross dodging rumors about his past career as a C.O., Yung Berg clearing the air on the "dark butt" controversy and Young Buck flashing back to his fighting days.

[Editor Note: The views of this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH.com]

1. Stroke Of Genius. One week after suffering the crushing disappointment of atrocious sales of the G-Unit T.O.S. (Terminate On Sight) album, 50 Cent is feeling heat from several of his adversaries. According to radio personality Miss Info, Wu Tang's GZA the Genius has chosen the most opportune time to unleash a diss track on the G-Unit general. With Fif struggle in the eye of the public, GZA says the diss record that he plans on releasing today will dead Curtis' career for good.

"I'm going to annihilate 50, he can't f–k with me lyrically' he can't f–k with me lyrically."

GZA says the song "Paper Plates" will be debuting on Pitchfork Media today.

Meanwhile, T.I. finally gave a response to the alleged swipe 50 Cent took at him on the track "You So Tough"—so it seems. During a recent show the "King of the South" took a moment to address all the folks that have been hating on him while he's been dealing with his federal case. Though he didn't say any names directly Tip addressed the haters like this.

Seriously, why is the GZA even bothering? Does he think his rusty ass liquid swords are going to phase 50? Save yourself the trouble GZA, this record probably won't even register on 50's radar. A response record to GZA is going to rate on 50's to do list right next to "send Game a birthday card". Higher up on that list will be "send T.I. a bottle of champagne and a sorry note". For real, I seriously don't think 50 wants it with T.I.

2. Tricky Ricky? Rick Ross has some explaining to do. The mounting rumor that the tough guy rapper was once a Florida prison correction officer spread even further when a photograph of the rapper wearing a prison guard outfit in his younger days was seen on thisis50.com.


Ross quickly denied the pic was authentic and continues to refute the claim that he worked on the other side of the law. He also responded to the rumor that Trick Daddy was the person who leaked the photo.

If Rick Ross gets exposed as a lawman he's going to take a real hit career wise. There is a big difference between being a notorious drug kingpin and a rapping prison guard like the dude in Hustle & Flow.

3. Re-butt-al. Yung Berg has officially gone into in reverse mode in "dark butt" gate. The Chi-town rapper made a public apology to anyone he may have offended, and went on Phoenix Power 98.3 radio station to further clarify situation.

Berg claims that his words were taken out of context during the course of the interview, and lack of appreciation for dark women is due to the fact he hasn't found the right one, yet.

Wow! I'm glad that was cleared up. Now we can all resume our regularly scheduled lives. The best thing that comes out of this is that we don't have to listen to an India.Arie song in response to all this. I felt one coming on, "Dark Butt & Lovely."  Thanks for saving us from that Berg. Hopefully you‘ve patched things up with your 250 fans.

4. Fighting Back. There isn't much you can do to erase the lasting memory of a hardcore rapper crying on the phone to another rapper. However, Young Buck or the people who support him are doing their best to repair the Ten-A-Key rapper's gangsta persona. A video of Buck in a parking lot scrap with a fellow crewmember has surfaced on the net. The catch is, the fight took place in 2001. Check it out.


Not really much you can gage from that other than that, Buck is a hell of a Greco-Roman grappler. His technique on the standing gut wrench was superb. Maybe he could regain his manhood all in one shot by taking on Kimbo Slice in a street fight. Win, lose or draw Buck is sure to come out of that one, a seriously dazed and confused n*gga.

5. You Smell Me? Jermaine Dupri launched a commercial for his new TAG Records label and it was a real stinker. The diminutive music mogul went with a peculiar rap battle meets Stomp The Yard theme for the ad. Check it out.

WTF was that?

Now that JD has stunk up the joint with that garbage, I'm done. Hit me up.

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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