Pulse Report: The Game Explains Alleged Eminem Diss, Lupe Fiasco Professes His Love For Nas, Rick Ross Shot Down By "The Smoking Gun," N.O.R.E. Jumps On The "Bang Bus"

Friday, Jul 25, 2008 12:00AM

Published by SOHH.com

Written By Archie Fucque


In this week's Pulse Report the streets are buzzing about The Game's alleged Eminem diss and him clowning G-Unit yet again, Lupe Fiasco admitting Nas is his favorite rapper, Rick Ross falling at the hands of a smoking gun and N.O.R.E. co-starring in a XXX movie.

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1. Fun & Games. It's been a rough few weeks for G-Unit. First their sophomore album T.O.S (Terminate On Site) tanks, now arch rival The Game is giving them an earful about it. At a recent show the Compton rapper taunted his former associates for their failure, predicted Lloyd Banks would be the next member to be ousted and alleges 50 Cent and Tony Yayo are more than just friends.

LOL. Boy, that Game is one funny dude. You know 50 Cent is not going to let this slide.

However, Game may have some bigger issues on hand other than a G-Unit retaliation. On the track, "My Life," from his upcoming album L.A.X., the rapper seemingly took a sweep at Eminem and deceased D-12 rapper Proof. The Game spit:

"You see them 24's spinning, I earned 'em/and all the pictures of me and Em, I burned 'em/ so there ain't no proof that I ever walked through 8 Mile/and since there's no Proof, I'll never walk through 8 Mile"

Facing backlash for his verse, Game was forced to deliver an apology.

"When I originally wrote the song 'My Life' I was trying to think back on events that affected my life and how they changed me," he said. "When I first got signed to Aftermath and G-Unit I was exposed to so many different people from Dre to Em to 50 to Proof.  I always identified with Proof.  We were always cool and he would reach out to me when ever I was going through something  I remember when Proof died vividly and now every time I think about going to Detroit I get depressed…Furthermore, I apologize to anyone who took this the wrong way as that was never my intention."

2. My Hero. It's been a huge week for Nas. The Queensbridge rapper claimed the No. 1 spot on the Billboard charts, while being front and center for a protest against Fox News. In the midst of all hoopla Lupe Fiasco took a moment to confess that Nasty Nas is his favorite rapper. The Chi-town emcee used his blog on Okayplayer.com to wax poetic about his fondest memories of being a Nas fan. Check it out here.

Lupe wasn't the only person that was caught up in the Nas wave. Peep as talk show host Stephen Colbert chats it up with Nas.

3. Smoked. Rick Ross went down at the hands of smoking gun this week. After vehemently denying that he was once a Florida State correctional officer the Miami rapper was exposed by The Smoking Gun website. The investigative site nabbed pay stubs that prove Ross was once employed on the right side of the law.

Wow. Its funny how Ross was quick to deny it, but we still haven't heard a word from him since he was exposed. I'm not really concerned with the fact that dude was once a fuzz, but the fact that he lied about it is what gets me. Man up Ricky!

4. Banned From TV. Nore is known for making the switch from hip-hop to reggaeton, now he may also be making the switch from rap to porn. The Queens rapper made a guest appearance on the porn site BangBros.com. Thankfully Nore, who has put on few pounds over the years, didn't join in on the action. Here's a rundown of what we can't show.

"On today's Penny show we have a very special guest, the world renowned rapper N.O.R.E. There are very few times we see Penny star struck but she is a huge fan of this guy as I'm sure many of you are as well. He's on the show to promote his new album in which he crosses over from Hip Hop into Reggaetone. Hearing of this, Jason (penny's neighbor and also aspiring rapper) joins us to see if he can't get a few pointers from NORE on how he might be able to break into the rap game. NORE was nice enough to humor Jason as the guy is obviously a total dueche. Feeling sorry for the guy, Penny treats him to a massage with a very happy ending from a Korean masseuse. Then Penny f*cks some dude."

5. Derrty Looks.


What's going on right thurr? Chingy once professed to hating gay people, but it seems he's warming up to the gay community. One might even say he's fitting right in.

Remember this?

And Chingy has the nerve to question why folks would think he's funny style. Maybe because of the way your lip gloss is poppin' and the fact that your boy on the far right just let the cat out the bag.

That's all folks. Send all hate mail, death threats and wack ass demos to [email protected] One.

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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