Hot Press: Omarosa Continues Catfight W/ Wendy Williams, Kelly Rowland Hints At Destiny’s Child Reunion, Terrance & Rocsi Call A Truce

Wednesday, Jul 23, 2008 12:00AM

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Hot off the press this week Wendy Williams and Omarosa bring the claws out, Kelly Rowland is hoping for a Destiny's Child reunion, and Terrance makes things right with Rocsi.

Boss B*tch

Whoever said Wendy Williams Fox network talk show was headed for flopsville couldn't have been more wrong.  In what has to be one of the cattiest couchside confrontations since Oprah rubbed Ludacris the wrong way, Wendy invited "Apprentice" reality slore Omarosa on her show to promote her book The Bitch Switch before long both b*tches got their switches flipped on and the liveliest televised edition of the dozens EVER ensued (click here to watch).

Wendy: "You're not my type Omarosa"!!!!

That seems to be just the beginning, Omarosa told the Associated Press, "When you're not honest with the American people, they do not respond well to you," said Omarosa. She should just go ask Star Jones about that. Honesty needs to be there. She's a phony. As long as she continues to be a fake and a phony, she won't be successful."

Wendy also had Vivica "What The F*ck Has Plastic Surgery Done to My Face" Fox on the show where Viv rehashed how she cared for 50 Cent when he dumped her and how the public dumping ended up with her coining a new catchphrase.  (click here to watch)

Unfortunately that's not the end of Wendy-mania—the woman whose wig sits off her head three inches (Thanks Omarosa) chatted with Power 105.1's Ed Lover about the show, the upcoming movie about her life as well as to deny allegations concerning the lawsuit against her and her husband while also giving her take on Kanye West, Barack Obama, Whitney Houston and Star Jones. (Click here to watch)

Rebel Talking… NO WORDS!  I am STILL over here in tears at Wendy suggesting Omarosa get Restylane injections.

Destiny's Reunited

With Ms. Kelly nowhere near the gold mark (Diva Deluxe moved a measly 1,419 units according to Nielsen Soundscan) Kelly Rowland seems to have her eye on linking back up with the group that originally helped her earn superstar status.  Rowland was recently quoted hoping saying that the Destiny's Child trio of herself, Michelle Williams and Beyoncé will get it popping again next year.

"Me and the girls never split up - we are as close as we always were, like sisters," Kelly recently said, adding that despite their 2005 retirement, "we may do some projects next year."

Rebel Talking… Is that Beyoncé I hear singing "No, No, No, No, No" off in the distance?



In recent weeks Oscar winning actress and singer Jennifer Hudson has been repeatedly photographed with "I Love New York 2" semi-finalist Punk (or with him lurking in the background). The two were pictured together yesterday in Manhattan, just weeks after being spied together at the July 4th Taste of Chicago Festival.

According to US Weekly the two have been together for seven months now, but other sources say J-Hud is still with her longtime boyfriend whatshisname.


Rebel Talking… Enough already with the sneaking around – ya know durned well y'all are both way too big to hide (and ew ew ew at the New York germs homie has).

Hi Hater!

Tamara Johnson George – aka Taj from ‘90's girl group SWV has thrown her hat in the publishing ring by writing a new book "Player HateHer" which hits shelves this month.  Co-written with close friend Katrina R. Chambers, Taj says "our mission for this book is to create an awareness that will spark a movement among women." The non-fiction book zeroes in on why women throw each other so much shade, and seeks to end the hateration among the fairer sex.

Among the straight talk, jokes and anecdotes included in the project there is also a guide to figuring out if you're guilty of being a Player HateHER.

Symptoms include:

* You get upset when people don't notice how fabulous you are.

* You vow to get revenge on your boyfriend's mistress, instead of him.

* You become angry when you see someone wearing the same outfit you purchased, as if it were produced just for you.

"Player HateHer" is available now through bookstores and online retailers.

Rebel Talking… I am heading to right now – I know the perfect hatin' ass beeotch I need to order this for!

Mending Fences

Rocsi returned to BET's "106 & Park" this Monday for the first time since storming off the set over a week ago due to Terrance's teasing.  Terrance wasn't there to join her but he sent flowers and a long apology letter for his stand in – R&B singer Mario to read. For details click here to watch the entire sickeningly corny fiasco.  Of course Rocsi was incredibly touched by Terrance calling her "family" and his "Rock," while the rest of the BET-viewing public was forced to watch the nausea-inducing debacle.

Rebel Talking… I call BULLSH*T! The whole Terrence vs. Rocsi fight is faker than pro wrestling.

While you were hating on Ne-Yo's new single, we were having nightmares about Rihanna's "Disturbia" video that could only be cured by Brandy's comeback!

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