Hot Press: Jay-Z Stands Up For Amy Winehouse, Erykah Badu Defends Her Queendom, Terrence & Rocsi Battle At The Park

Wednesday, Jul 16, 2008 12:00AM

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Hot off the press this week Jay-Z calls Amy Winehouse a Weeble, Erykah Badu is pregnant with insults, Terrence ruffles Rocsi's feathers and Mary J. Blige tunes out "American Idol".

Wino the Weeble

After headlining the UK's Glastonbury festival a few weeks ago, Jay-Z gained some insight on fellow performer, Amy Winehouse – who has survived several health scares and brushes with the law over the past year.

"She's like that toy from the Eighties, the Weeble," Hov told Britain's Mail on Sunday newspaper. "They had an ad campaign that went, 'Weebles wobble but they don't fall down.' Well, that's Amy."

"You always think she's going to collapse but she always gets back up again."

Rebel Talking… Leave it to Hov to put a nice spin on Wino's heroin lean. Last time I checked Fisher Price never made a Crackhead Weeble.

Not Okay Player

Jay Electronica is said to be the next in line behind Andre 3000 and the D.O.C. to father a baby by Badu. Bloggers and commenters across the World Wide Web didn't shy from sharing their opinions once rumors hit the net that Erykah Badu is expecting her third child by yet another MC -- Thankfully the outspoken songstress didn't hold back either. Using the screen name Analogue Girl, someone (presumably Erykah herself) hit the Okayplayer boards back, putting the judgy commenters in place with a diatribe so lengthy I can't post it all here (Read entire rant here) but it starts like this,

"HOW DARE YOU DISRESPECT THE QUEENDOM...AND MY CHILDREN AND MY INTELLIGENCE. I've never been so disgusted in all of my life,"

Badu continues, "I am an excellent mother and resent all of the negative comments and insults on my character. I PUT MUCH TIME AND THOUGHT INTO HAVING AND RAISING MY CHILDREN. I'VE HAD THE HONORS OF HAVING 2 HOME BIRTHS AND 2 WONDERFUL PARTNERS BY MY SIDE….Every relationship I have been in was because I loved the person DEARLY and was dedicated to us "exclusively" FOR A NUMBER OF YEARS."

Analogue Girl ends with, "kiss my placenta."

Rebel Talking … Put that on a J Dilla beat and it'd make one helluva 12-inch LP

Host-ile Takeover

Tension has been thick on the set of BET's "106 & Park" since Terrence's teasing went a little too far last week. Rocsi stormed off the set after Terrence repeatedly played her out on the air – first obviously correcting her attempts to give out the show's Freestyle Friday set and then questioning "why she didn't have a body like Ciara's?" Since her walk-off Rocsi hasn't been seen on the show – R&B newcomers Keri Hilson and Tiffany Evans filled Rocsi's shoes early in the week, while Terrence cracked, "Well it looks like I don't have a co-host today" and "I had some serious female problems this weekend"

Some sources say Rocsi's been suspended, but others say the whole story has been blown out of proportion and the "106 and Park" hostess is cooling off on vacay.

Rebel Talking… Do people really care about Rocsi and Terrence? I haven't given two sh*ts about a BET host since Rachel and Ananda Lewis left the network.

Idol Thoughts

Apparently Mary J. Blige isn't a fan of "American Idol."

"I haven't really watched it since Ruben [Studdard] won," the Queen of R&B admitted in a recent interview with Vegas magazine, adding that the blockbuster show is cheating most of it's contestants from earning career longevity. "Honestly, it's not giving most of them a real chance to become an artist for the rest of their lives," she explains. "They are on national TV every night. They have automatic fame. All of the greatest artists had to struggle for their success."

Rebel Talking…Mary has a good point, but I'm willing to bet that if "Idol" was around in the mid-90's and Diddy wasn't knocking her door down Mary'd be on the first bus out of Yonkers to sing Rose Royce songs on "American Idol."

Fast Lane

Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger has got quite the catch. British Grand Prix driver Lewis Hamilton, who has been previously linked to supermodel Naomi Campbell and Miss Grenada, Vivian Burkhardt, is said to be popping the singing beauty's clutch these days.  Scherzinger reportedly flew to West Sussex this weekend to watch her new beau drive fast at the Goodwood Festival of Speed Sunday.  The couple has reportedly been dating for about 6 months.

Rebel Talking… Watch out Nicole, you might be a doll but don't let him play you.

While Teyana, Keri and Solange were smiling for the cover of Rap-Up, Lloyd has me ready for the "Year of the Lover," and Brandy dropped a promo pic that's made me a believer in her comeback.

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