Hot Press: Beyonce & Barack Exposed, Q-Tip Sticks It To Mos Def’s Wife, Usher Needs His Mommy

Wednesday, Jul 9, 2008 12:00AM

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Hot off the press this week the government gets all up in Beyoncé's biz, Q-Tip keeps it funky with Mos Def's wife and Usher wants his momager back.

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Check Up On It

The hottest chick in the game is feeling the sting of her fame. Singer Beyoncé Knowles has been added to a list of celebrities who are feared to have had their passport files breached. The government is currently investigating claims that a number of VIP's have fallen victim to illegitimate snooping.

The Internal State Department has declared that Barack Obama, John McCain and Knowles are among 127 celebrities who have had their personal details illegally accessed. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has issued an apology over the security breaches. B's passport file has reportedly been accessed over 100 times.

Rebel Talking… Who needs a passport file? It ain't hard to tell where Beyonce has been! Internet sites have pictures of every trip to St. Barth's, Paris and Saint Tropez.

Vibrant Thing

In yet another case of goldiggger-groupie-video vixen turned author, Alana Wyatt-Smith, a.k.a "I Married Mos Def After Knowing Him 96 Hours" has hit the media circuit to shill her new book Breaking the Code of Silence. During an interviewed with the lovely ladies of Sirius Shade 45 "Lip Service," Wyatt-Smith revealed relationships with Antawn Jamison and several other NBA players as well as the Mighty Mos. Unimpressed by Wyatt-Smith's supposed quest to help other self-esteemed challenged skeezes, rapper Q-Tip interrupted the show to shut her down on air.

"You foul, you tried to sh*t on n*ggas. You foul! You foul," Tip told Wyatt.

"If you are trying to collect yourself and trying to get closure why does that process have to be publicly out there?" Tip questioned later in the interview. "There are so many people who have been through whirlwind relationships but they do it in a private sense."

Tip thoroughly went in on Mrs. Mos Def, who mothered a son by Canadian artist Saukrates before having relations with five or so NBA players and then marrying the Muslim rapper/actor. [Listen here]

Still not divorced from Mos, Wyatt-Smith has already claimed a $115,000 settlement to fund her college education. The couple separated after only four months of marriage, during which time Wyatt-Smith claims other women would frequently call her phone to speak to her hubby.

Rebel Talking… They say you can't make a hoe a housewife, but Mos ain't so innocent himself. I'm hearing whispers this marriage was never legal in the first place, because he's still not divorced from his first wife.

Mama's Boy

After trading in his longtime manager, mom Jonetta Patton for Mariah Carey and J.Lo's go-to-guy Benny Medina, last year, Usher is now singing a different tune. According to New York's Daily News, Usher is reportedly blaming Medina for sales of Here I Stand falling far short of opening numbers for 2004's Confessions. Now Ush is rumored to be close to going home to mommy.

But with her hands full managing his producer brother and a new label, will Mama welcome him back with open arms?

Meanwhile, Usher and his son Usher V cover the the Father's Day edition of Essence magazine. Of course Ursh also used the article as an opportunity to defend his new wife Tameka as well.

The Essence shoot was a non-paying gig for father and child, but the debonair dad did milk the opportunity to boast about how much Baby Cinco will adore him:

"He's gonna admire me, he's gonna look up to me. He's gonna say, ‘I wanna be' or he should say - ‘I wanna be like my father."

Rebel Talking… Wow bigheaded much Ursh? Anybody else notice this child has a hat on in every picture? Looks like Cinco inherited papa's unfortunate domepiece.

Hip-Hop Homewrecker

Former model Christie Brinkley may have far more in common with Kim Porter than just a career on the catwalk. According to the National Enquirer the teenage beauty behind Brinkley's split with architect husband Peter Cook, Diana Bianchi also played jumpoff for Diddy while he was with Kim.

A friend of Diana's told the Enquirer, "Diana met Sean at his recording studio when she went there with a friend who knew him. She told me that he just came up to her and started talking. She said their affair started a few weeks later - and it went on while he was involved with the woman he was going to marry, Kim Porter. Diana said she thinks that she's the reason they split up."

While Combs rep denies the affair, the source of the rumors has allegedly passed a lie detector test. Diana's "friend" claims the 18-year-old made a sex tape, took nude photos and enlisted a therapist to help her with a "sex addiction."

Brinkley's hubby hired the teen $20,000 a year to work at his firm as an assistant on top of the $300,000 he paid her to keep quiet about the affair.

Rebel Talking… This chick has to be a real freak -- court documents say Brinkley's hubby set up a webcam to broadcast his "self loving" and spent $3,000 a week on porn plus WE ALL KNOW HOW DIDDY GETS DOWN.

But while Brandy made it back on our "List", Mya was walking around Barbados half dressed and Porschla Coleman was packing her shit and moving out of Russell Simmons crib.

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