Lyrics: Is Brooklyn's Finest Album From Jay-Z Or Notorious B.I.G? Who's The Best Rapper Under 30? Top 5 Groups Of All-Time?

Monday, Jun 9, 2008 12:00AM

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In this week's Speak On It forum everyone has an opinion on Jay-Z clashing with Notorious B.I.G in a defined double album debate, Blueprint 2: The Gift Vs. Life After Death: Disc 2, Lil' Wayne, Juelz Santana, and T.I. all vying for the title of "Best Rapper Under 30," and the Wu-Tang challenging for a spot on the "Top 5 Groups Of All-Time" list.

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Hello Brooklyn

It feels like just yesterday that Jay-Z rapped, "Who's the best emcee? Biggie, Jay-Z, or Nas". Well no disrespect to Nasir, but today the forum readers are strictly asking about the Brooklyn dons. Pitting the borough's two greatest emcees against each other, the forum is asking which album was hotter, Jay Z's Blueprint 2: The Gift or Biggie's Life After Death: Disc 2.

Gentility went with B.I.G. "Life After Death Disc 2 by itself has some of my favorite songs of all time. Meanwhile I wouldn't lose no sleep if the whole damn Blueprint 2 album never existed."

MNFBackwordzz said, "BP2 is one of the finest double albums put together, only second to Bob Dylan's Blonde on Blonde.This isn't even a fair fight."

Which album do you prefer?

Age Old Question

Thirty may be the new twenty, but before we get to the big 3-O the SOHH forum wants to know; who is the best emcee under the age of 30? Is it Lil' Wayne, T.I., Lloyd Banks, Lupe Fiasco or Juelz Santana? Perhaps Soulja Boy might garner some votes.

Leftcoast415 said, "Chamillionaire and Lupe. Chamillionaire doesn't get enough credit for his skills."

According to Your Conscience, "Weezy has already been around for over 10 years so I don't even really count him even though he's well under 30. Of this new crop of niggas maybe T.I. or someone like that."

Who do you think is the illest rapper under 30?

Fab Five

While everyone else is still arguing about the "best emcee" some SOHH forum heads decided to make an argument for the "best group". What are the "Top Five Rap Groups Of All Time"? Surprisingly The Lox a.k.a D-Block were consistently on the top of the forum's list, among other names like Outkast, Dipset, Mobb Deep and Wu-Tang.

Traqz3301 said, "Almost every L.O.X. song is a banger that stands the test of time. Old ish, new ish do it the same. Always feeling their ish. Freestyles dope, guest appearances dope, solos dope. They got chemistry, they never compromised, always came with the raw. And, they got versatility too. They can kick conscious versus here and there."

1. L.O.X.

2. Mobb Deep

3. Wu-Tang Clan

4. A Tribe Called Quest

5. Dipset

Sunzoo aka LC asked, "Can you please explain to me, this great influence of The L.O.X.- probably going to say the mixtape circuit right? Especially over Mobb Deep, what did L.O.X., the group, do in their two album run to counter Mobb Deeps catalog?"

Meanwhile The Real lays out his argument accordingly,




4.A Tribe Called Quest

5.The Roots

Which group do you think deserves to make the cut?

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