Impact: What if Biggie Never Died?

Thursday, Mar 9, 2006 12:00AM

Published by got together with some of The Notorious B.I.G.\'s friends and fans including Fat Joe, Junior Mafia and Lord Finesse, among others, to create the ultimate "What If Biggie Never Died?" list.

It\'s been nine years since the Biggie walked the Earth and his absence is most felt when looking at Hip-Hop\'s current landscape. Biggie was a true talent that raised the bar in Hip-Hop with the rare ability to rock any mic, any stage, any beat, and any crowd. He was blessed with skills that translated across state, cultural, and financial boundaries. Bigger than his name or frame, B.I.G. was larger than life. Imagine him here today and you can almost hear him say, "Man, things done changed!"

"His mother\'s heart [wouldn\'t be broken]." - Bonz Malone, hip-hop journalist

"People wouldn\'t be saying \'they\'re the best rappers since BIG died.\'" - DJ Beverly Bond, DJ/Model

"Junior Mafia\'s career would have gone a whole different way, and we\'d still be here together as one... one family like it was before." - Lil\' Cease, Junior Mafia

"There would\'ve been a Brooklyn Mint flagship store on 5th avenue, Notorious cologne, B.I.G.Bling watches by Jacob and Co., and Warning: The Video Game. There would have been Junior Mafia albums, volumes 2, 3, and 4; and "Ready to Live," the movie and so on and so on. " - Miss Info, hip-hop journalist

"Without competition, Jay-Z was allowed to build an empire... a monopoly, if you will. A Bad Boy label, with Biggie, would never have allowed that to happen so easily." - Adrian Vicente, fan

"Total would be back together." - Vita, Black Wall Street

"I probably would have worked with him more with Lil Kim and Junior Mafia." - Lord Finesse, DITC

"Jay-Z wouldn\'t have anyone to quote." - ibeblunt, SOHH

"There would more joints from my dog." - Mr. Cheeks, The Lost Boyz

"The Lox would still be signed to Bad Boy." - BK Mecca, SOHH

"Biggie and Faith celebrity makeover, just look at how incredible Fay looks now. Imagine if Hip-Hop\'s original royal couple had gone on some South Beach diet shit together? No disrespect to Faith\'s new beautiful family and her hubby Todd, but it would a been something to see." - Miss Info

"Big was the type of rapper that thrived off good music. He\'d hear something hot and be determined to make something hotter. So he\'d be at the top of his game right now. He lived off that energy to be the best." - Klepto, Junior Mafia

"I think the original Bad Boy roster would still be there cause Biggie was very influential on how things went down." - Kima, Total

"I\'d have one more friend in the world." - Bonz Malone

"Fat Joe and Biggie would have made a Twins album. I was gonna sign to Bad Boy when Biggie died and we was going do an album together. That\'s when Atlantic signed me; they gave me my own label and stole me from Puff Daddy. But I would have loved to work with BIG." - Fat Joe

"If he was still here he\'d be the realest nigga in Hip-Hop. Every time I saw him, he was so down-to-earth. No matter how big he was; no matter much he blew up, he\'d always stop and talk with you. He was never like a catty dude. He\'s still the realest nigga in the game I\'ve ever met." - Vita

"Homie would have gave people what they wanted, a whole lot of good music. Cause that\'s all Big was ever really about, he was a real humble dude who just wanted help out his people and make good music." - Banger, Junior Mafia

"Jay-Z and Cam\'ron would have been in The Commission." - Samm Wilson, fan

"He\'d see his clothing line blowing up like Puff Daddy\'s." - Mr. Cheeks

"I think that certain songs of his may not have been released. I think "Dead Wrong" would not have necessarily come out." - DJ Beverly Bond

"Lil Kim would still look like Lil Kim." - BK Mecca

"Shyne would have never signed to Bad Boy therefore making him a free man." - Samm Wilson

"The competition to be the King of New York would have been crazy. It would have been BIG, Jay, Nas, Jadakiss, 50 [Cent] ...Imagine what it would have looked like!" - Lord Finesse

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