2 Pac Back? Willow Smith Says “Tupac, I Know You Are Alive”

2 Pac Back? Willow Smith Says “Tupac, I Know You Are Alive”

Roc Nation princess Willow Smith has inked an open letter to the late Tupac Shakur and revealed how much her mother/actress Jada Pinkett-Smith misses the hip-hop icon.

In her handwritten letter, Willow asks the late music mogul to bring her happiness.

Willow Smith is wise beyond her years. The 11-year-old singer has shared a letter that she wrote to Tupac Shakur years ago. In the handwritten note, she asks the late hip-hop icon to come back because her mother Jada Pinkett-Smith misses him. Jada and Pac had a close relationship, which some believed was more than a friendship. “Dear Tupac, I know you are alive someplace. I think that my mommy really misses you. Can you please come back can you come back so momy and me can be happy! I wish you were here… I really do! Love, Willow [sic]” (Rap-Up)

Last April, former Death Row Records owner Marion “Suge” Knight hinted at the possibility of Pac still breathing.

Knight just appeared on 93.5 KDay in L.A. with Tattoo and Cee Cee … and pumped some major fuel into the biggest urban legend in hip hop … that Tupac FAKED his own death. Knight says his theory explains why cops never found his murderer — because there was no murder. “Maybe the question is … Pac’s not really dead … pac’s somewhere else,” Knight says. When asked if he ever saw Tupac’s body following the 1996 shooting, he adds, “Nobody seen Tupac dead. ” Knight explains, “The person who supposedly cremated Tupac … this guy got about 3 million dollars .. personally from me … cash … and next thing I know I never heard from the guy or seen him again … he retired and left.” (TMZ)

Back in 2010, Willow revealed Pac is one of her all-time favorite musicians.

Willow Smith became a fan of Tupac through her mother, Jada Pinkett-Smith, who was best friends with the rapper since they met in Baltimore, where Tupac attended theater classes early in his career. During an interview with Nnette on Madd Hatta’s morning show, on 97.9 The Box in Houston, Willow Smith detailed her love for Tupac, as well as other musicians. “He was my mom’s his best friend,” said Willow, who added that she was fan of Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Billy Idol, B.O.B. and Eminem, although she labeled Tupac as her favorite. (All Hip Hop)

Pac met his demise after getting fatally shot in 1996 following a Las Vegas, Nevada boxing match.

While his celebrity was at its peak, he publicly fought with his rival, the Notorious B.I.G., and there were tensions brewing at Death Row. Even with such conflicts, however, 2Pac’s drive-by shooting in September 1996 came as an unexpected shock. On September 13, six days after the shooting, 2Pac passed away, leaving behind a legacy that was based as much on his lifestyle as it was his music. (All Music)

Check out some past Willow Smith footage below:

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