2 Live Crew’s Uncle Luke Puts On For His Strippers, Vixens & Ladies Oh My

2 Live Crew’s Uncle Luke Puts On For His Strippers, Vixens & Ladies Oh My

2 Live Crew’s Uncle Luke recently gave his thoughts on the upcoming presidential election, stressing the importance of women’s rights getting ample attention by the government.

Luke, widely known for his explicit sexual lyrics, said a woman’s right to choose could ultimately be at risk if people ignore next month’s Election Day.

You see, the First Amendment rapper and 2 Live Crew founder best known for his NSFW rhymes focused on the southern female hemisphere and his 2011 Miami-Dade County mayoral candidacy on the “tax stripper” platform is dead serious about standing up for women’s voting right. “This is a women’s election. This is about women’s rights,” Campbell recently told MTV News Power of 12 correspondent Andrew Jenks. “Right to choose. If people don’t go out and vote then you’ll get a guy in office that’ll probably overturn [the landmark Supreme Court abortion ruling] Roe v. Wade … you’ll probably get the health care reforms overturned.” (MTV)

Grammy-winning superstar Alicia Keys recently sat down with SOHH and discussed women’s rights in this election.

“I think that we as women have a really important obligation to utilize our voices to stand up for the man who will honor the things that we need as women in this country. We made so much progress over the years–obviously–and there’s just no reason to go backwards,” Keys told SOHH correspondent Amber McKynzie. “And I personally–obviously I’m an Obama supporter–feel that he really does understand women’s issues.” (SOHH)

The renowned singer also noted President Barack Obama’s understanding and respect to women’s needs.

“He’s been raised by a super strong woman; he married a super strong woman; he raising two incredibly strong women; so he’s personally connected to what is important with women’s issues,” she added. “I think that’s such a big deal to us, we can’t just let that go to anyone. We have to be really, really, really focused on making sure that every woman that we know is going out vote for someone that we know know is going to support and continue to encourage us to be and get everything that is our just due. Anything other than that is just not the right thing.” (SOHH)

Last month, West Coast female rapper Kreayshawn stressed the vitality of her ladies and fellas locking in their votes this year.

“I think it’s important. For a while I thought the elections were kind of going on behind everyone’s back because I felt like nobody was really talking about it and every day I watch the news and see so much stuff. So I think it’s important just because even though people say your vote doesn’t matter or either way, either person you pick it’s the same result, it’s just good to feel like, you know, whoever wins, you’re like, ‘Yeah! I wanted that person to win.’ Nothing is ever going to go the way we want it to but I’m definitely voting for Obama this year.” (Global Grind)

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