2 Chainz’s “Leggo” Sidekick Threatens To Bang Cop’s Wife, Arrested In Florida

2 Chainz’s “Leggo” Sidekick Threatens To Bang Cop’s Wife, Arrested In Florida

Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz‘s “Leggo” collaborator B Smyth is making headlines this week after reportedly finding himself in handcuffs following a heated exchange between police in Florida.

According to reports, the R&B singer lashed at police after believing he was targeted over his skin color last Sunday (December 22).

Rising R&B star B Smyth — who’s worked with industry titans like Future and 2 Chainz — has some serious balls, ’cause he told a police officer he was going to BANG HIS WIFE during a traffic stop … this according an arrest report obtained by TMZ. According to the documents, the 21-year-old “Leggo” singer was pulled over in Coral Springs, FL on Sunday for tailgating — and when police started their traffic stop … Smyth got a little heated. Cops say B (real name Brandon Smith) refused to accept his traffic citations, claiming he was only pulled over because he’s black. (TMZ)

To make matters even worse, Smyth allegedly said he would sleep with one of the cops’ wives.

The report says Brandon then WENT OFF on the officers at the scene … cussing them out … and (this is a real quote from the report) “stated that he was going to sleep with one of the officers wives.” Classy. B still could’ve gotten away with a ticket at that point … but he refused to leave the gas station where he was stopped, and eventually police hauled him in for trespassing. (TMZ)

Chainz also caught some heat this week after being charged for an August incident with police.

Nationally known rapper 2 Chainz has been charged with a misdemeanor, accused of refusing police commands to exit a tour bus during a traffic stop in August in Oklahoma City. The Atlanta-based rapper — whose real name is Tauheed Epps — is charged with obstructing an officer in the performance of his official duties. If convicted, Epps, 36, faces up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine. The bus driver, Sedric Arozell Brooks, and a passenger, Abdullah Qawi Mujahid, were charged with the same misdemeanor. A bodyguard, Rory Dorell Smith, was charged with a felony, possession of a controlled dangerous substance. (News OK)

Following the September incident, Chainz said he was not trying to be heroic during the publicized face-off and promised he did not have any issues against police.

“No charges, just a bad day for me, basically, as far as me not being where I was supposed to be,” Chainz said in reference to his recent Oklahoma City arrest. “At the end of the day, I was trying to do something that I thought was right. I’m not trying to start anything with the law enforcement. I actually pay taxes so I’m kinda like helping them and stuff. So I’m not into that. It just got blew out of proportion. I apologize to the fans.” (Power 105.1)

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