2 Chainz Unlocks How He Deals W/ The Critics & Police [Video]

2 Chainz Unlocks How He Deals W/ The Critics & Police [Video]

Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz recently talked about how he tries to go about his daily life and, specifically, what his state of mind has been this past year in light of the negative press he has received.

While careful with his words, Chainz said he does not intend to make himself out to be a target for critics or law enforcement.

“You just keep it moving,” Chainz said when asked how he deals with the bad press. “You just keep it moving. I come from an urban-challenged background. I come from an apartment set and a bunch of guys raised by single mothers, you feel me? And I made it in a lot of people’s eyes, you feel me? Once people, or the law, figure out we’re roughly on the same team because I’m out here basically just trying to feed my family, paying taxes and things like that and none of us are perfect. Let me be the first to say that. For me, I’m just trying to be some type of example, some type of inspiration for someone that’s behind, someone that’s coming up to know that you kinda got rights. Sorta have rights.” (SKEE TV)

Recently, new reports claimed multiple weapons and drugs were discovered by police on Chainz’s tour bus last month.

2 Chainz’ tour bus was carrying two semi-automatic pistols, a 12-gauge pump shotgun, plus prescription painkillers and weed paraphernalia before the rapper’s arrest last month … this according to official police documents. As we reported, 2 Chainz and ten other people on his tour bus were arrested two weeks ago following a concert in Oklahoma City … after police accused them of smoking weed on board. Cops pulled over 2 Chainz’ bus because of a busted taillight, but when they approached the vehicle … cops say they smelled pot and attempted to search the bus. 2 Chainz and co. refused to let cops on board, so the bus was towed to a police yard while a search warrant was obtained. (TMZ)

Up until now, details on what all police found on the bus were kept under wraps.

Hours after the traffic stop, the bus was finally searched and all of its occupants (including 2 Chainz) were placed under arrest for interfering with police. The results of the bus search weren’t disclosed, until now. According to the search report, police confiscated the following: metal marijuana grinders covered in residue, marijuana pipes, Rx meds (Hydrocodone and Flexeril), rolling papers, scales, a semi-auto Sig Sauer SP2340 pistol, a Mossberg model 500 12-gauge pump-action shotgun, and a semi-auto Glock pistol. (TMZ)

Last month, Chainz said he was not trying to be heroic during the publicized face-off and promised he did not have any issues against police following the arrest.

“No charges, just a bad day for me, basically, as far as me not being where I was supposed to be,” Chainz said in reference to his recent Oklahoma City arrest. “At the end of the day, I was trying to do something that I thought was right. I’m not trying to start anything with the law enforcement. I actually pay taxes so I’m kinda like helping them and stuff. So I’m not into that. It just got blew out of proportion. I apologize to the fans.” (Power 105.1)

Initial reports claimed a handful of Chainz’s entourage were taken to a local jail after resisting arrest.

10:30 a.m. About 10 people who were aboard the 2 Chainz tour bus have been taken to the Oklahoma County jail Thursday after the bus was stopped by an Oklahoma City police drug interdiction task force. The band appeared at the Chesapeake Energy Arena Wednesday night with Lil Wayne. Everyone aboard the bus was arrested and taken to the Oklahoma County jail on complaints of interfering with official process, said police Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow. Police have obtained a search warrant and the bus is being searched at the police training grounds at 800 N Portland Avenue Thursday morning. Check NewsOK.com for updates. (News OK)

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Check out 2 Chainz’s interview:

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