2 Chainz Straps Up For His Next Big On-Screen Moment

2 Chainz Straps Up For His Next Big On-Screen Moment

Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz is reportedly going to continue expanding his acting résumé following a guest appearance on television show “2 Broke Girls” by appearing in an upcoming episode of “Law & Order: Special Victims Units.”

According to reports, Chainz will play the role of a character named “Calvin ‘Pearlie’ Jones.”

2 Chainz Lands A Role On Law & Order: SVU. 2 Chainz will have a role in an upcoming, Law & Order: SVU episode airing May 8th. 2 Chainz will play a character that has some issues with Detective Fin Tutuola. Check below for another pic. (Real Talk NY)

Around mid-February, the rapper formerly known as “Tity Boi” appeared on the comedy television series “2 Broke Girls.”

After hooking up with a big-time music personality, Max got a hook-up of two tickets to the Grammys and a free trip on a private jet. Ironically, the jet they wound up on happened to be the one Caroline used to own. It even still had the same pilot. It also happened to pick up one more passenger in the form of 2 Chainz himself. He and Caroline hit it off pretty well — after she freaked him out by posing with her butt next to his face while he was sleeping. He didn’t seem put off by her rap skills at all, joining her in an impromptu take on that “Birthday Song” single. Unfortunately, a mechanical problem separated the girls from 2 Chains, who caught another flight to the Grammys. They had to settle for a cheap motel in the Midwest and their memories of flying high. (Huffington Post)

A week prior, Chainz teased fans about what they could expect to see from him.

“It was real hard, but I knew I could pull it off,” Deuce told “TWIJ.” “Being 2 Chainz is a real hard task so what I had to do was wear 2 Chainz.” The show’s stars had only good things to say about the rapper’s dive into acting. “He went really method,” said Beth Behrs, who plays former rich girl Caroline on the show. “He’s really funny. You got a gift for comedy. You’re a good actor.” The “Birthday Song” spitter is used to rap compliments but looked to his new acting buddies for reassurance. “You just telling me that? You pulling my chain,” he asked Behrs. “Would we pull your chains, 2 Chainz?” Kat Dennings, who plays Max, answered jokingly. (MTV)

Recently, the rap star revealed his interest in taking acting seriously and looking at movie scripts.

Now he’s thinking about what comes next; his second album is in the works, but 2 Chainz says something in the movie realm is also possible. “It sounds like a world I could be part of,” he acknowledges. “We’ve got a couple of scripts we’re looking at. We’ve got a couple endorsements. We’ve been looking at contracts, (publishing) deals. We have a few things going on in our small little world. “I’m just taking it one day at a time. My team is focused. We’re still trying to make an impact in different things. I don’t want to limit myself, so just be expecting some more from 2 Chainz.” (Contra Costa Times)

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