2 Chainz Sticks To The Script, Decodes “B.O.A.T.S. II: It’s Me Time” Meaning

2 Chainz Sticks To The Script, Decodes “B.O.A.T.S. II: It’s Me Time” Meaning

After officially announcing Based On A T.R.U. Story II: It’s Me Time, Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz has provided some more clarity into his decision to stick with a simple title for his sophomore solo release.

Chainz broke down the meaning behind the latter part of the title and also his project’s connection to comforting vibes.

“Me Time has multiple meanings. I feel like my music actually gives people a sense of going away sometimes — without really going on vacation,” Chainz told MTV News backstage on Saturday at his show-stopping performance at Hot 107.9’s Birthday Bash concert in Atlanta. “I feel like when people listen to me, they feel like they’re goin’ somewhere, taking time off; they’re relaxing, lettin’ their hair down,” the dreadlocked MC said reflectively. “Every time somebody wants to have some ‘me time’ or whatever, this is the type of vibe, this is the type of project [to listen to]. I’m putting together different sounds to make people be like, ‘This is about me. Me and my people, this is our time.'” (MTV)

Chainz announced the album’s title over the weekend.

“September 10, 2013. B.O.A.T.S. II #MEtime,” Chainz revealed early Sunday (June 16). (2 Chainz’s Twitter)

Last week, he confirmed his upcoming effort would arrive around mid-September.

“As far as my album, it’s dropping September 10th,” Chainz confirmed in an interview. “That approach may be a little bit different. I think I took steps foward. I don’t think I capped out as far as having a glass ceilig. I definitely showed growth. I definitely showed progress. I have some more entertaining features on there, you know I like to keep that element of surprise, keep that hip-hop alive, that feel. Great producers, I never thought I’d have a chance to work with. I reached out — it’s my sophomore album, I feel good about it. I definitely have more fans than I did the last time. So it should be a cool little journey.” (Revolt TV)

The Georgia rapper downplayed the idea of needing to switch up his content on the new album in a recent interview.

The six-foot-five giant with the strange look and the twisted humor (Money talk, you ain’t got none / End of discussion) is hip-hop’s most in-demand MC, thanks to his tawdry, spit-take-funny two-beat punch lines. “There’s nothing new under the sun,” Chainz says about the lyrics for his second album, out this summer. “Everyone’s sold dope, f*cked bitches, popped champagne, shot guns. I’ll take the extra minutes to do it a new way.” (GQ)

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