2 Chainz Spills Syrup Drinking Hazards, “People Should Be Very Careful Because Its Addictive & Can Be Fatal”

2 Chainz Spills Syrup Drinking Hazards, “People Should Be Very Careful Because Its Addictive & Can Be Fatal”

Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz aka Tity Boi recently talked about the popularity of “Syrup” drinking and why mixing codeine with cough medicine is more dangerous than people may think.

In 2 Chainz’s opinion, fans should not allow curiosity to fuel their interest in syrup drinking.

“I think people should be very careful because its addictive and can be fatal. You need to be your own individual. People are naturally curious about things but there comes a [point] where you need to let that go and that’s my opinion. I’ve probably been drinking since maybe 2007 so it’s a little different for me because it wasn’t well- known but the truth about promethazine/codeine is that it’s a pharmaceutical drug. No one makes it in a tub or anything. Moderate use is cool but I think that’s hard for people to do that but I definitely don’t promote people using it.” (VIBE)

He also explained how syrup drinking has become a part of his lifestyle.

“I have ulcers, which a lot of my fans already know. For me I was drinking lean before knowing I had ulcers, I just knew I had stomach problems–and this is no excuse but in my mind it was just soothing. Not to sound like no crazy dude but it just felt soothing to a certain point, then when I found out I had ulcers I was prescribed meds anyway and it can be used for nausea and things like that because ulcers can cause nausea, vomiting and things like that. Even when flying a lot I’m one of those guys who has to travel a lot with a weak stomach.” (VIBE)

In a recent interview, Young Money’s Lil Wayne revealed fighting cravings for syrup in light of being on probation.

“I’m good. I ain’t tripping. I’m used to it now. But I was never on heroin or cocaine or Ecstasy or nothing like that. I drank syrup and smoked a lotta weed. I wish I could be back on it. That’s how it f*cking feels. [cracking himself up] “How does it feel to be sober?” I’ll be like, “It feels f*cked-up.” What you want me to say? “It feels great”? No. I was on something that the doctor prescribed. I was ill, and that was helping me…I cannot wait until I get off probation, sweetheart. Not for syrup. No, not for syrup. I stopped syrup May 9 of 2009. But nobody knew. Because I still rapped about it. Because I respect the culture of where it came from. I still rep that sh*t.” (GQ Magazine)

Known for making syrup-drinking popular, late UGK rapper Pimp C passed away in 2008 from a cough medicine overdose.

UGK rapper Pimp C’s death was the result of an overdose that was triggered by a large consumption of codeine medication combined with a pre-existing sleep condition, according to the Los Angeles County coroner’s office. The autopsy ruled that the rapper (real name: Chad Butler) died accidentally. Pimp C was found dead December 4 in a Los Angeles hotel after headlining a few spot tour dates in California with Too Short. He was 33. (MTV)

Check out some recent 2 Chainz footage below:

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