2 Chainz Sacrifices Features Requests, Unlocks Sophomore LP Release Date

2 Chainz Sacrifices Features Requests, Unlocks Sophomore LP Release Date

Atlanta’s 2 Chainz is going into beast mode these next few months by falling back on his guest features requests and finalizing his sophomore album for a late summer release.

Rather than break the news via a press release, Chainz announced Based On A T.R.U Story’s follow-up early Friday (May 24).


“RT @KarenCivil: 2 Chainz is releasing his new LP Sept 10th!” (2 Chainz’s Twitter)

Over the winter, Chainz promised to up the ante on his next LP.

“Thanks MTV , headed to the lab …,” Chainz tweeted March 7th.

“Next album will hush all the critics that the 1st album didn’t…”

“Def a blessing…. Always wanted to be mentioned on that list” (2 Chainz’s Twitter)

Last fall, the rapper formerly known as “Tity Boi” revealed plans to turn his next album in by April.

“I’m trying to turn in my album by April of next year,” 2 Chainz told MTV News after performing at Philadelphia’s Powerhouse concert on Friday night. “It won’t come out then but I’m at least trying to turn it in and set up for more tours because we enjoy doing live shows, so be looking out for more of that from the crew.” So far, 2 Chainz has banked less than a handful of new songs, but he’s already got at least one solid feature locked down. “I have three songs already recorded and I have one feature on the song,” he revealed. “I don’t wanna put that out [yet]; you gotta wait, but it’s dope.” (MTV)

Outside of music-making, Chainz recently revealed an interest in taking acting seriously.

Now he’s thinking about what comes next; his second album is in the works, but 2 Chainz says something in the movie realm is also possible. “It sounds like a world I could be part of,” he acknowledges. “We’ve got a couple of scripts we’re looking at. We’ve got a couple endorsements. We’ve been looking at contracts, (publishing) deals. We have a few things going on in our small little world. “I’m just taking it one day at a time. My team is focused. We’re still trying to make an impact in different things. I don’t want to limit myself, so just be expecting some more from 2 Chainz.” (Contra Costa Times)

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