2 Chainz Reveals Who Saved His Career: “If It Wasn’t For Him, I Wouldn’t Be Here”

2 Chainz Reveals Who Saved His Career: “If It Wasn’t For Him, I Wouldn’t Be Here”

Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz discusses his love for the rap game and why one particular hip-hop artist is solely responsible for helping him become a household name in the new XXL Magazine.

In an excerpt from his feature, Chainz largely credits Young Money boss Lil Wayne for helping elevate his career.

“My n*gga, Tunechi. That’s my n*gga. If it wasn’t for Tunechi, I wouldn’t be here. If it wasn’t for Lil Dwayne Carter, Tauheed Epps wouldn’t be here right now. I’ve been around a lot of things and so many situations, and if it wasn’t for bruh, I wouldn’t be right here right now doing this cover. So it feels good to come back around and do this tour with him.” (XXL Magazine)

Deuce also talks about reaching a point in his music career where he can finally call the shots.

“I told n*ggas I got this, and they were so into, “Let me hear your music.” I was so into, “Let me hear this money. Don’t worry about the music.” So now when they hear this music, they all like, “Ahhh.” We done had this conversation. I got this far. You make sure I don’t ever have to trap again for the rest of my life and try to help the people around me from trapping. If you make that dream come true, we gone have a great relationship.” (XXL Magazine)

Back in October 2012, Chainz credited Wayne for securing him widespread attention.

“I’ve had a relationship with Lil Wayne for over 10 years now,” 2 Chainz reveals in a preview of the upcoming episode. “Me and Wayne are like real peers, he liked my vibe from day one.” The Playaz Circle rapper, formerly known as Tity Boy, goes on to recall hearing Wayne’s single “Where You At” where he got a quick shout out. “Yeah Tity baby put it in the air,” Wayne raps on the track. “I just remember being like ‘dude put me in a song’–that’s cool as hell. So when I got the ‘Duffle Bag Boy’ beat I was like, ‘I got an idea, I think I’ma put Wayne on this.’ ” (MTV)

Last summer, Wayne detailed how much of a close-knit bond he shares with Chainz.

“I don’t know if the A-Town know but that’s my friend. [laughs] That’s not my rap buddy, that’s my real friend,” Wayne told DJ Drama in an interview, referring to 2 Chainz. “I knew that guy when he didn’t know how to make no words rhyme. You know what I mean? [laughs] That’s my real friend, I know him. He’s ‘Tity Boi Put It In The Air’ to me. … And all of a sudden this guy is killing it. He’s murdered the show. … It’s weird to me, I’m sorry, it’s weird. He always gives me the upmost respect. He always gives me so many props.” (Hot 107.9)

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