2 Chainz & Meek Mill React To Lil Wayne Health Problems

2 Chainz & Meek Mill React To Lil Wayne Health Problems

Atlanta’s 2 Chainz and Meek Mill have addressed Lil Wayne‘s publicized hospital scares, acknowleding how much of a storm he has worked up over the past 72 hours.

According to Chainz, he got a chance to chop it up with him and make sure Weezy is on the road to recovery.

“I talked to him last night before ya’ll heard about anything, so he’s straight,” 2 Chainz told MTV News, confirming that all was well with his longtime friend and collaborator. “Young money for life–you dig? Get well soon homie. Hit me up,” he said, adding a quick message for Wayne. (MTV)

Meek said although he had yet speak to Wayne, he planned on seeing him face-to-face.

Meek Mill, who performed an all star set with help from his MMG crew at Powerhouse, admitted that he hadn’t spoken to Wayne just yet, but definitely planned on doing so in person. “I didn’t get a chance to check in with Lil Wayne, you know he has probably a million people checking in with him at the same time,” Meek said. “When I see him I’ll make sure he’s good. Wayne, that’s the homie.” (MTV)

Weekend reports claim the Young Money leader is healing up at his mother’s house.

Lil Wayne is no different than anyone else when they’re not feeling well … they just want to home with their mommy … and TMZ has learned that’s exactly where Weezy is recouping. As TMZ first reported, Wayne suffered two seizures this week and was hospitalized in Texas after the first one and in Louisiana after the second. Our sources say Wayne’s doctors have advised him not to fly — so he rescheduled his flight out of LA yesterday and then cancelled it again today. Wayne’s lawyers are supposed to update the judge on his status on Monday, and it’s looking more and more like he will be unable to testify anytime soon. (TMZ)

Wayne gave fans a small update on his health condition Saturday (October 27).

“Thanx for all the prayers! I am good.,” Weezy tweeted October 27th. (Lil Wayne’s Twitter)

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