2 Chainz Explains Why He Owed Lil Wayne “Duffle Bag Boy” [Video]

2 Chainz Explains Why He Owed Lil Wayne “Duffle Bag Boy” [Video]

Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz discusses his relationship with hip-hop star Lil Wayne and why he felt obligated to let the Young Money leader appear on his “Duffle Bag Boy” smash on the premiere of MTV’s “This Is How I Made It.”

On the network’s premiere, which airs Saturday (October 13), Chainz credits Wayne for getting his name widespread attention.

“I’ve had a relationship with Lil Wayne for over 10 years now,” 2 Chainz reveals in a preview of the upcoming episode. “Me and Wayne are like real peers, he liked my vibe from day one.” The Playaz Circle rapper, formerly known as Tity Boy, goes on to recall hearing Wayne’s single “Where You At” where he got a quick shout out. “Yeah Tity baby put it in the air,” Wayne raps on the track. “I just remember being like ‘dude put me in a song’–that’s cool as hell. So when I got the ‘Duffle Bag Boy’ beat I was like, ‘I got an idea, I think I’ma put Wayne on this.’ ” (MTV)

He also reveals how Weezy F. Baby got his hands on the record.

“Wayne was in Atlanta at the time. So I rolled up, gave him the CD and flew to Miami maybe two or three weeks later and I remember hearing, ‘If I don’t do nothing I’ma ball,'” he said, referencing the now infamous hook on “Duffle Bag Boy.” “I was like, you did this for me bro?” (MTV)

Back in August, Wayne detailed how much of a close-knit bond he shares with Chainz.

“I don’t know if the A-Town know but that’s my friend. [laughs] That’s not my rap buddy, that’s my real friend,” Wayne told DJ Drama in an interview, referring to 2 Chainz. “I knew that guy when he didn’t know how to make no words rhyme. You know what I mean? [laughs] That’s my real friend, I know him. He’s ‘Tity Boi Put It In The Air’ to me. … And all of a sudden this guy is killing it. He’s murdered the show. … It’s weird to me, I’m sorry, it’s weird. He always gives me the upmost respect. He always gives me so many props.” (Hot 107.9)

The Young Money boss initially delayed his Dedication 4 mixtape in light of Chainz’s Based On A T.R.U. Story debut release.

“I know I was supposed to drop that Dedication 4 tonight – but listen, my homeboy 2 Chainz just dropped his album yesterday. That’s my real, real, real good homeboy right there and I refuse to put any attention on me when the spotlight, everybody’s eyes, everybody’s attention and everybody’s focus should be on my n*gga 2 Chainz’s album Based On A T.R.U. Story. So therefore I ain’t giving you b*tches Dedication 4 yet. I’ma give it to ya’ll in another week or so. But I ain’t gonna lie, I ain’t finished that motherf*cker. I’ve been skating and sh*t, falling and sh*t and all that type of sh*t, but I’ll give it to you like, next week. Stop trippin’ pimp.” (Bread Over Bed)

Check out a preview of the show below:

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