2 Chainz Explains Letting His Tity Go, “[Now It’s] Lady & Kid Friendly”

2 Chainz Explains Letting His Tity Go, “[Now It’s] Lady & Kid Friendly”

Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz has finally explained his recent metamorphosis from former rap alias “Tity Boi” and how the new identity is more acceptable toward his lady fans.

According to 2 Chainz, the name change happened organically.

“No, see I never changed my name this is what happened,” Chainz explained in an interview. “I did Supply and Demand, 12 Circle with DTP and Def Jam. I did a song called “Dear Mr. LA Reid” and someone else said Tity/2 Chainz and I had been saying it all the time but I guess the stars lined up and then definitely the way I said, the delivery, 2 Chainz made it lady and kid friendly. In my 8th grade yearbook picture I had on 2 chains. I had always been into like jewelry so 2 Chainz just stuck.” (VIBE)

A few weeks ago, producer Drumma Boy named “Tity Boi,” specifically, SOHH Underrated.

SOHH Underrated? That’s easy. I got two words for you. [The artist formerly known as] Tity Boi. He’s one of the most slept-on artists in the South, man. Hands down. Tity Boi’s on Ludacris‘ label, Disturbing Tha Peace. That’s my guy and we get down. We have crazy records that we’ve done together. I produced the “Boo” record that Tity has with Yo Gotti. And then I produced the record, “I Spend It” that goes, “I’m riding around and I’m getting it. I’m riding around and I’m getting it.” We got two records that’s on [the] Billboard [music chart] right now. It’s just a pleasure to be able to hold him down and give him those Billboard records that he’s been waiting on. I think he’s one of the next guys coming out of the South.” (SOHH Underrated)

Fellow producer Nitti Beatz named “2 Chainz” SOHH Underrated a couple days later.

“I think 2 Chainz is a very talented rapper … he’s somebody that’s been in the game for a while and by him coming up in the Ludacris camp [Disturbing Tha Peace], he’s knows how thebusiness is supposed to go. I think [musically] dude is very dangerous right now: Everybody wants that new thing, and to the public, he’s got that new [flavor] because everyone knows him as being part of the group, Playaz Circle, but now he’s 2 Chainz.” (SOHH Underrated)

Two years ago, rapper Uncle Murda talked about changing his rap moniker to “Uncle M” due to its negative meaning.

“It’s just about getting me out everywhere,” Murda said in an interview. “You’ll definitely still get the same hardcore music because that’s my life. But you gotta understand, Uncle Murda, well, probably the ‘Murda’ will never get [to retail stores] that I need. All this will scare the money away just for certain things just when you hear like ‘Uncle Murda.’ That’s me, I done stamped that already…We trying to get some money…The content of music is still going to be the same, you still gonna get Uncle Murda, but we gonna talk to the ladies — because I do like to have fun. Everything ain’t about murder when it comes to me and my life. I’m not shooting or killing 24/7. That’s not going down everyday.” (Mixtape Monster)

Check out some past Tity Boi/2 Chainz footage down below:

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