2 Chainz Drapes Pop Star W/ Pizazz, “I Call Him Lil Swaggy”

2 Chainz Drapes Pop Star W/ Pizazz, “I Call Him Lil Swaggy”

ESPN’s Skip Bayless is not the only person 2 Chainz is swagging out these days as the Atlanta rap star has revealed tagging pop singer Justin Bieber “Lil Swaggy” these days.

Speaking on his admiration toward the Biebs, Chainz announced his nickname for the teenage icon.

There are a ton of perks that come with having rap friends. For starters, you could wind up with a cool nickname. After Justin Bieber partnered with 2 Chainz, Mac Miller and Asher Roth for his “Boyfriend” remix, the Biebs earned himself a new moniker. “I call him Lil Swaggy,” 2 Chainz told MTV News while backstage at Hot 97’s annual Summer Jam concert on Sunday. In fact, JB was so swagged out that the “Spend It” MC almost missed him when they met. “I saw him and when I saw him, I didn’t even know it was him, I didn’t even recognize him. He had grown up a lot from me seeing him on TV,” Chainz said. (MTV)

Back in 2010, Bieber revealed his rap alias is “Shawty Mane.”

“Shawty Mane, I don’t know, me and my friends were just messing around and they were like ‘Shawty Mane’ and I was like ‘Yeah, that’ll be my nickname,’ ” said Bieber at an L.A. signing. “Shawty Mane is just like a funny character…You know Justin Bieber is not a rapper, and it would just be lame if I came out rapping. It’s lame anyway because I’m like a pop singer, but I thought it was funny, I just did it as a joke. It wasn’t like anything serious…I thought it was fun, I like rapping. Maybe in the future, Shawty Mane will come back.” (Rap Fix)

Not only co-signed by Chainz, Biebs previously got crowned a legit emcee courtesy of his “DWYCK” freestyle last year.

“It’ll probably be heard by millions of people. And it’s labeled online–I intentionally labelled it ‘Dwyck’,” Hot 97 radio host Peter Rosenberg said, referring to the freestyle. “I wanted it to be out there and people to go, ‘What’s Dwyck?’ To me, amidst all the people that would be like, ‘Why’d you do that?’ Ultimately, that’s a really dope thing to do. I think that’s a win for hip-hop. Justin Bieber is not gonna be the problem with hip-hop. Justin Bieber rhyming on a real hip-hop beat only exposes people to real hip-hop. That’s just a good thing. Even if 1% of his fans look it up. Why not? I haven’t talked to [DJ Premier] yet, but I think Premo will think it’s cool. I think everyone will think it’s cool.” (XXL Mag)

Outside of Bieber, 2 Chainz also swagged out “First Take” host Skip Bayless this week.

“Y’all probably missed it but I officially gave Skip swag,” Chainz said in behind-the-scenes footage from ‘First Take.’ “See his suit? Looks like he got it out of Scarface’s closet. … I thought, ‘You should have this.’ Since he’s always talking about LeBron [James], this is something you should wear in Miami. This is a Miami piece. It can hold the keys to his Porsche on the other side of it. [laughs]” (ESPN’s First Take)

Check out a recent 2 Chainz interview below:

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