2 Chainz Decodes ‘B.O.A.T.S. 2: Me Time’ Album Artwork: “This Cover Right Here, I Don’t Even Know If Ye Wants Me To Say It” [Video]

2 Chainz Decodes ‘B.O.A.T.S. 2: Me Time’ Album Artwork: “This Cover Right Here, I Don’t Even Know If Ye Wants Me To Say It” [Video]

Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz recently broke down the meaning behind his new Based On A T.R.U. Story 2: Me Time album cover art and how much of a role Kanye West‘s DONDA company played.

According to Chainz, Mr. West largely contributed to helping design his cover art.

“People won’t believe how much thought goes into this stuff,” Chainz said in an interview referring to his album cover. “Basically thinking my first album cover d*mn near brought back gold and Cuban links and everything else, you feel me? Working with DONDA’s like, good for the mind anyway. It’s young guys with all these crazy ideas and resources pulled from different areas. Actually, this cover right here, I don’t even know if Ye wants me to say it, but it’s basically Photoshop. I didn’t know you could erase on the computer. There’s like this computer eraser, move some stuff over, I was like, ‘You’re like a geek man! I didn’t know you were that smart.’ He’s like, ‘People don’t know I be doing stuff like this.’ … First you start with like, ten or twenty [covers], then you take this idea and that idea and then for Me Time, I was using a bunch of different ideas for symbols. I never get caught up in using my face for things.” (Power 106 FM)

Chainz also delved into the importance of switching the colors up from last year’s cover.

“I like a symbol that says a lot,” Chainz added. “For this cover, I wanted it to be white and gold. The last one was black and gold. I wanted my colors for this year to be white and gold. Before my tour even started with Drake, I told everybody I was going to wear black and gold. That was going to be my color because I was going to brainwash the consumer everytime they saw me I was going to be black and gold and then a lot of people start wearing black and gold. It was cool, no problem. This time I want to do white and gold, everybody knows it’s something you can’t wear twice. You wear it and it’s like boom. So it made my campaign a little harder because I had to buy a whole bunch of white stuff.” (Power 106 FM)

Last month, Deuce’s new cover art surfaced across the Internet.

Awww man, its almost time for 2 Chainz to get the clubs hyped again as he gears up to drop his new album, B.O.A.T.S II: Me Time. Today the ATLien is back with the cover art for his upcoming album, which is another example in simplistic beauty. The cover features nothing but two large link necklaces, zoomed in upon, and shining in all their glory. You may recall his debut album cover which featured only two chains, fittingly, well this is much of the same. The project drops on September 10th, so get your sharpie out and mark the calendar. (Stupid Dope)

In July, the Atlanta rapper revealed plans to include a recipe book with his LP.

“I’m cool enough to be comfortable in my own skin and try to educate people — so with this cookbook I’m going to have probably about 14-15 meals, how many ever songs it is,” Chainz revealed in an interview. “It’s going to tell you whatever was used to make this as far as ingredients and cooking time and all that stuff. And probably the pros and cons of eating it. … I’m a seafood lover I don’t eat beef or pork period. So turkey, chicken that’s in a lot of the recipes I use. … A lot of people use DVDs bonus stuff like that. I just want to come probably with my own little array of swag aprons with the cookbook. That will probably get me on The View or something like that.” (“The MidNite Mixx”)

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Check out 2 Chainz’s interview:

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