2 Chainz Crashes 49ers Star’s Post-Game Celebration [Video]

2 Chainz Crashes 49ers Star’s Post-Game Celebration [Video]

Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz showed off his love for the San Francisco 49ers Saturday (January 12), interrupting star player Michael Crabtree‘s post-game celebration interview.

In the middle of discussing the big win against NFC rival Green Bay Packers, Crabtree got cut short courtesy of Chainz.

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree played a critical role in Saturday’s 45-31 destruction of the Green Bay Packers. He finished the game with nine receptions for 119 yards and two touchdowns, as he continues what has been a breakout season. Crabtree has become Kaepernick’s go-to receiver, and he is turning into a force of nature on the field. After the game, Crabtree was one of the main on-field interviews. As the video above shows, Carlos Rogers was enjoying himself in the interview. The interview got even more interesting as rapper 2 Chainz showed up rocking the always awesome old school gold 49ers jacket. 2 Chainz was born in Georgia, so if the Falcons beat the Seahawks, I would not be surprised if 2 Chainz made an appearance at the Georgia Dome. (Niners Nation)

Fellow teammate Carlos Rogers showed off his hip-hop admiration during the interview.

Michael Crabtree had nine receptions for 119 yards and two touchdowns. Following the game, Crabtree did an interview on the field with NFL Network. Crabtree’s teammate Carlos Rogers was so happy with the win that he attempted to show off his singing skills with a rendition of “All I Do Is Win” by DJ Khaled. Thankfully, 2 Chainz, a person with some actual musical talent, videobombed the interview. (1045 The Team)

During halftime, West Coast rapper E-40 kept the stadium alive with a live performance.

San Francisco 49ers kicker David Akers doesn’t seem to be down with Bay Area rap legend E-40, but his teammate Michael Crabtree is all about young hip-hop star 2 Chainz. First, Akers was on the field at halftime, trying to take practice kicks before play resumed. Problem was, there were dozens of dancers performing with E-40’s set. Akers had to part their red sea in order to warm up. For a guy whose job was on the line before the playoffs, he needs all the practice he can get. (USA Today)

A few days ago, West Coast rapper Ice Cube said he hoped to see the Baltimore Ravens and possibly the 49ers or Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl.

“I’m going for Ray Lewis. Ray Lewls, that’s who I’m pulling for,” Cube told SOHH. “I’m pulling for him and the Baltimore Ravens. I hope they do it. I’d love to see him go out on top. You know he’s going out on top, if you ask me, but I would love to at least see him play in the Super Bowl. I don’t mind either San Fran or Seattle getting [to the Super Bowl]. Seattle’s a big a** team. They ain’t no little boys. [Seahawks quarterback] Russell Wilson is an athlete. He ain’t just no quarterback. He’s one of those football players. He’s an athlete. You can’t sleep on no dude like that because he ain’t gonna quit.” (SOHH)

Check out the 2 Chainz footage:

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