2 Chainz Chooses A “Hot” Platform To Premiere Sophomore Single

2 Chainz Chooses A “Hot” Platform To Premiere Sophomore Single

Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz has announced plans to heat up late spring with the premiere of a single off an upcoming untitled sophomore album at Sunday’s Summer Jam concert in New York.

According to Chainz, he will treat concertgoers to an official first listen to his project’s track at radio station Hot 97’s annual showcase.

“I WILL DEBUT MY NEW SINGLE FOR MY NEW ALBUM AT SUMMER JAM.. Fuk it I’m byke outchea, PS. I came and neva left,” Chainz tweeted May 31st. (2 Chainz’s Twitter)

The news comes days after Chainz downplayed the idea of needing to switch up his bars on the sophomore solo effort.

The six-foot-five giant with the strange look and the twisted humor (Money talk, you ain’t got none / End of discussion) is hip-hop’s most in-demand MC, thanks to his tawdry, spit-take-funny two-beat punch lines. “There’s nothing new under the sun,” Chainz says about the lyrics for his second album, out this summer. “Everyone’s sold dope, f*cked bitches, popped champagne, shot guns. I’ll take the extra minutes to do it a new way.” (GQ)

Chainz also announced the new LP’s release date on Twitter last month.


“RT @KarenCivil: 2 Chainz is releasing his new LP Sept 10th!” (2 Chainz’s Twitter)

Last fall, the rapper formerly known as “Tity Boi” revealed plans to turn his next album in by April.

“I’m trying to turn in my album by April of next year,” 2 Chainz told MTV News after performing at Philadelphia’s Powerhouse concert on Friday night. “It won’t come out then but I’m at least trying to turn it in and set up for more tours because we enjoy doing live shows, so be looking out for more of that from the crew.” So far, 2 Chainz has banked less than a handful of new songs, but he’s already got at least one solid feature locked down. “I have three songs already recorded and I have one feature on the song,” he revealed. “I don’t wanna put that out [yet]; you gotta wait, but it’s dope.” (MTV)

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