2 Chainz Cashes Out The $100,000 Controversy: “It’s No Secret, I’m One Of The Most Featured People” [Video]

2 Chainz Cashes Out The $100,000 Controversy: “It’s No Secret, I’m One Of The Most Featured People” [Video]

Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz has cleared up the controversy after revealing he does, in fact, charge fellow artists $100,000 for his guest features.

While $100,000 is the standard, Chainz did admit there are certain exceptions to the price.

“The thing about the hundred thousand, which I’ve been explaining ever since it came out, this question was asked to me out in London, so my answer, when they asked me how much I charge per verse, I asked them what was a hundred thousand in their currency, in pounds, I was just trying to explain the difference in currency. I think it was like 60 pounds or something like that. … But it’s no secret, I’m one of the most featured people but as far as my business and what I charge people, it’s definitely on a different scale depending on who, when, what and all these situations. I’ve did swaps before but I’m in the part of my career now where I just want to do flat-out business. … I know what my budget is and what I bring to the table. At the end of the day, you just have to appreciate. I appreciate what everybody does here in hip-hop and just for me, when people come to me and want features, I give them that. I don’t short-change them.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Earlier this month, Chainz revealed he has $100,000 attached to his verses and admitted there are some artists who still have his unreleased features.

“I have features out there that I haven’t even heard yet,” Chainz revealed in an interview. “I have to make sure I don’t say the same thing twice. I don’t write raps, I don’t do any of that — people sit on my stuff and I know I have good lines. And I’ll be like, ‘I wonder if I used this line.’ And then I might not use it and then it’s like, this dude is sitting on my good line. It makes it seem like I don’t have good lines. I got plenty of lines, I’m not running out. Just tired of you guys waiting for that moment. … 100 grand. Let me stop, man, because I know there’s people out here listening. Look, I’m enjoying life, okay? You would be doing the same thing. Don’t look down upon me like, ‘Who’s gonna pay that full version.’ Your favorite rapper paid it. Don’t even worry about it.” (BBC 1xtra)

The Southern rapper also reasoned the money spent also goes toward a slew of various services he brings.

“But the thing is, look, I’m gonna come to your video and check it out. I’m gonna change clothes twice. They’re never going to see that outfit again. It’s going to be [high-end fashion]. It’s gonna be swag. I’m going to give you bars. I’m gonna wear fancy glasses and chains you’ve never seen [before]. I can help you. You get me. … This is what I embody. You get charisma. You get girls at the video shoot that come to your video shoot because they know I’m gonna be there so here’s your chance to get in. I’m telling you what I can give you. For that number, these are my services, this is what I offer.” (BBC 1xtra)

Back in May 2012, G.O.O.D Music head Kanye West hinted at the pricey cost.

The G.O.O.D. news just keeps coming. According to Kanye West’s Twitter page, the hip-hop star’s label group may have a new member: “2 Chainz is charging 100k for a verse now cause he’s G.O.O.D!!!!!!” 2 Chainz himself retweeted the comment, adding, “hahaaaa.” The affiliation wouldn’t be a surprise: 2 Chainz dropped one of those expensive verses on last month’s “Mercy,” the G.O.O.D. posse cut that also included Big Sean and Pusha T. (Billboard)

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Check out 2 Chainz’s interview:

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