13 Things To Watch In ’13: “Every Black Man In America Needs To Go There – The Women Love [Us]”

13 Things To Watch In ’13: “Every Black Man In America Needs To Go There – The Women Love [Us]”

[As 2012 fades away, SOHH’s dropping a daily list of the 13 biggest things to look for in ’13. Today, we’re sitting back and letting 50 Cent protégé Hot Rod give the inside on what exotic hot spots to kick it at this year.]

1. Australia

Every Black man in America needs to visit Australia. Sydney, Melbourne, all those places are great. That’s like my favorite place to go just because they have an overseas mentality of hospitality and kindness and there’s no language barrier. So you can communicate. A big thing that I don’t like about going overseas is the language barrier because you can’t really showcase your personality because I’ve got a lot of personality, I’m funny, but when you’re talking to people, they only understand a few words. Your personality gets lost in translation. The women out there are incredible. So I’m going to recomment that and the women love Black American men. That’s top on the list.

2. Greece

I would recommend going to Athens, Greece. Greece altogether, but especially Athens. There’s just a lot of history out there. That’s just from a tourist standpoint. It’s just crazy, the things I read in the history books and being able to actually go there and take pictures at the coliseum, the rubble of it and it was just a real interesting thing.

3. Turkey

I go here a lot and there’s a lot of history in Turkey. It’s always good to travel overseas to see different things, to see different cultures, to get a different feel and not be so local and close-minded to what’s going on.

4. Shangai, China

I would recommend going out to Shangai, China. That was real interesting, just to go out there and see all the little shops and the nightlife is crazy, too. It was just weird. It just felt so surreal. It was great seeing all the Chinese people out there. But you’ve got to be careful because one of the first things they told me is you got to watch out for the transsexuals out there. They said, “Look, if you see some girls, you got to holler at us first because we’ll let you know.” They said a big part of the economy or a big part of the way to make money there with families is through prostitution. If they give birth to a girl, they’re like, “Ok, great, we got a girl. We got girls in the family, they can just go and wh*re themselves out.” But if they have a boy, what they’ll do is start the process of turning the little boy into a girl early. So then when they become women, you can’t even tell. So I’m being told this sh*t like, “Oh, come on man!”

5. Miami

The last place I could recommend is Miami. I haven’t been to Miami in about a year and that’s probably why I’m saying that. It’s one of my top places. Liv on Sundays, that’s my spot. You can’t have a bad time when you go down there. You just have to make sure you have your pocketbook when you go out there. It’s crazy.

Be sure to come back tomorrow as we wrap things up with the biggest slang terms to look out for in 2013!

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