13 Things To Watch For In ’13: “There’s Gotta Be Some Decline In The Amount Of Coke Boys In The World Today”

13 Things To Watch For In ’13: “There’s Gotta Be Some Decline In The Amount Of Coke Boys In The World Today”

[As 2012 fades away, SOHH’s dropping a daily list of the 13 biggest things to look for in ’13. Today, we wrap things up by putting a lid on some of the most overused words and expressions.]

1. Popping Molly

There can absolutely be no more popping Molly’s of any nature. What turned out to be a catchy line in a record has now turned into one of the most over-used expressions from last year. Not only has “Molly” turned into a nationwide phenomenon, but it’s now being considered the equivalent of how cool it was to rap about taking ecstasy (“E”, “X”, “XTC”) back in the late 90’s and early ’00’s. Even Eminem had to have a Relapse and Recovery to kick himself off those pills. No more popping anything, unless it’s tags.

2. Papers


There’s too many papers being mentioned today. What sounded cool back in 2010 and all the way up through 2012 was the transition from rappers dropping lines about “blunts” to now talking about their “papers.” It sounded pretty fly too. Those so many double entendres you can do with the word “papers.” Just look at Wiz Khalifa and his Rolling Papers. Now we’re not telling you to choose blunt over papers or papers over blunts or either or, but try to limit yourself from using “papers” in anything related to the herbal green stuff.

3. Coke Boys


There should be no shame in French Montana’s game, but when you’re seeing teenage kids rocking “Coke Boys” t-shirts on your local commutes to work, there’s something seriously wrong. Unless they’ve got a Coke and a Smile, there’s got to be some decline in the amount of Coke Boys in the world today. Truth be told, there’s not enough coke and bad police officers to let everyone flaunt about being Coke’d out. There’s even Coke Girls out there. For the sake of not forcing teachers to make D.A.R.E. and McGruff a daily five-minute discussion in classrooms across the US, fall back on Cokin’.

4. Y.O.L.O.


You’re Only Lucky Once. Drake, or whoever “really” made the expression hot, got lucky with the massive appear of “Y.O.L.O. (You Only Live Once)” but when you’ve got Drizzy saying he wants to get caked up off others caking up off something he didn’t even really create? Yeah, it means the “Y.O.L.O.” movement has run its course. It’s only a matter of time before relgious groups start to boycott this clothing, arguing about reincarnation. Y.O.L.O.’s really only about the DOLO now. When your local drugstore has Y.O.L.O. gear in the clearance section, you know it’s time to move on.

5. About That Life


We get it. You love something so much that you’re “about that life” and no one can understand your passion for it because they’re not “about that life.” Gotcha. What started off as something kinda catchy and fresh has now turned into a mere joke. Bugs Bunny isn’t about that Disney life? When Justin Bieber’s using the expression, then you know it’s a wrizzy.

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