13 Things To Watch For In ’13: “Gold, Gold, Gold Is Making A Comeback”

13 Things To Watch For In ’13: “Gold, Gold, Gold Is Making A Comeback”

[As 2012 fades away, SOHH’s dropping a daily list of the 13 biggest things to look for in ’13. Today, we’re falling back and letting former Danity Kane/Dirty Money singer Dawn Richard put you up on what fashion trends will dominate this year.]

1. If I Were A Boy


Men’s wear is going to be big. You’ve already started seeing it with women wearing Jordans and fitteds and that kind of crossover, tomboy look. I really believe that’s going to be a big trend and very successful. Men’s wear is going to be very popular, to me, for women, pushing the envelope and that can be from suits to baggy pants. I’m a huge fan of Rick Owens men’s wear. I love that and so I think the crossing elements is going to be huge for fashion.

2. Just A Little Bit

LL Cool J (Concept)

I think less is going to be more. In fashion, a lot of people have been mix-matching colors and doing a lot of 80’s styles. The 80’s kind of came back. Everybody is doing a lot of different colors and I think people are going to start doing less is more, with their patterns and what they’re wearing.

3. All Gold Everything


I think gold is going to be huge, as a trend as well. Jewelry-wise, gold, gold, gold is making a comeback. You even hear that in the music. Everything’s gold. I think 80’s jewelry is going to be huge too. It’s that ratchet movement where people are wearing gold lion pieces and medallions.

4. Pro Nails


Nails are going to be huge. I’m a big nails person and I think nails are going to be just as popular as your purse. I think women are going to pay a little bit more attention to their detail.

5. Air Force Pumps


The last thing and most popular thing I think you’re going to see is a lot of heels being incorporated into sneakers. I think you’re going to start seeing a lot more of the heels being incorporated into the sneakers with the escalation of putting a platform into a sneaker. A lot of lines that weren’t really messing with sneakers are going to start messing with that. I think you’re going to see a new wave of designers really touching up into that.

Be sure to check back tomorrow when we peep the hottest video games arriving this year!

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