13 Things To Watch For In ’13: “Ditch The Maybach Dream Unless It’s Joining Rick Ross’ Label”

13 Things To Watch For In ’13: “Ditch The Maybach Dream Unless It’s Joining Rick Ross’ Label”

[As 2012 fades away, SOHH’s dropping a daily list of the 13 biggest things to look for in ’13. Today, we put the pedal to the metal and go through what big trends are going down in relation to whips this year.]

1. R.I.P. Maybach


Much like what we saw happen to the Hummers a few years ago, it’s officially over for the Maybach. It’s only a matter of time before you start finding them in museums and considering the last official models all date back to 2012, if you’re spotted in a Maybach, you’ll start to show your age. If not this year, then in the years to come. Play it safe and ditch the Maybach dream unless it’s joining Rick Ross’ label.

2. All-Gold Whips


Why not? Everything else has been gold over the past few months so why think the gold wave is going to stop with a new calendar year? If A$AP Rocky is making “Goldie” a hot track with his chart-topping debut album and Trinidad James is signing on the dotted Def Jam line for a $2 million contract off the strength of “All Gold Everything,” then why would be shocked to see a few all-gold rides hitting the streets this year? It wasn’t too long ago when we had spinning rims, so just remember crazier things have happened.

3. Big Talk, Small Package


Believe it or not, those big-body SUV’s and trucks we’ve all grown accustomed to seeing, especially in the winter time as they put their four-wheel drive to work as little cars struggle in the snow, are all going to start losing a bit of shape. The economy’s changing and with so many things working better and more efficiently, be prepared to see Ford Expeditions looking like Ford Explorers and Ford Explorers looking like Ford Escapes and Ford Esc….well, you get the point.

4. Your Mom’s Caravan Is Finally Hot


You can finally get a pass for driving around in a Dodge Caravan in 2013. It took a lot of years, just over a decade and a half, but this year you are going to be granted a pass for driving your mom’s van around town and it’s all things to Kendrick Lamar. Kendrick’s good kid, m.A.A.d city actually put some flavor, interest and, well, swag into those big, soccer mom vehicles. Put the baby seats in the trunk next to the sports uniforms, you’ve got a date tonight.

5. Hybrids Are The New Hoopties

Kanye West

If you’re bragging about driving a Hybrid and helping preserve the planet, then you are officially the owner, or at least driver, of what we’re calling in 2013 the new hooptie. When’s the last time you heard someone talk about their Hybrid whip? Better yet, how often do you see those commercials anymore? The chatter about being more environment-friendly has quieted down. No shame in your hooptie game, at least you know Mother Nature loves ya.

Be sure to peep back tomorrow when we check out what trends are going down with sneakers this year!

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