13 Things To Watch For In ’13: “Black People In The Hood Ain’t Gonna Be Getting Rich Off Marijuana No More”

13 Things To Watch For In ’13: “Black People In The Hood Ain’t Gonna Be Getting Rich Off Marijuana No More”

[As 2012 fades away with marijuana getting legalized in some states, gun laws becoming a real issue and Chicago’s teen violence scaring the nation, SOHH’s dropping a daily list of the 13 biggest things to look for in ’13. Today, Chicago rap veteran Rhymefest, who ran for city alderman in 2011, gives SOHH readers his top five political trends to watch for this year.]

1. There’s No “I” In “Team”


In 2013, I think people are going to realize that this is the last term for our president. When we first elected him, he was the lone hero for the country. I think in 2013, Americans are going to learn there is no one hero. Unless we all come together and work so that the chief can make things happen, things won’t happen. I think especially in black communities, we’re going to learn the election of a Black president doesn’t equal freedom for communities. It doesn’t equal safe communities, especially when you look at the violence in Chicago. I think we’re going to learn if we don’t do things collectively, then there will be no change and there will be no hope. You can get somebody on the court but you need a team around him so he can make a shot.

2. Bang, Bang

Nas (Concept)

I think with gun laws, in 2013, that no matter how much you kick and scream into fighting the future, the future is going to come anyway. For the fact that semi-automatic weapons are made for nothing but mass killing, not home protection, not hunting, but mass killing, that’s the only thing they’re made for, so no matter how much you go kicking and screaming about gun rights, that’s a fact that you’re going to learn and can’t fight it when it’s time for them to be collected. I wouldn’t go investing money in semi-automatic weapons in 2013 because you’re going to have to end up turning them in anyway.

3. Puff, Puff, Passed Legislation


In 2013, we’re going to learn that just as alcohol was illegal and being bootlegged, the government has finally figured out how to control the sale and distribution of marijuana. They finally figured out how to make people pay for licenses to have spots and only the people they want so black people in the hood ain’t gonna be getting rich off marijuana no more. Now that the government has figured out how to license and sell and regulate marijuana, we’re gonna find out that marijuana isn’t so illegal. That’s not based on the danger of it as a drug but based on the economics of it.

4. You, Me, Him & Her

Legal Gavel

In 2013, we are finally realizing we live in the future and in the future, tradition is great history that we read about. Tradition is not something which is valued. Some traditions need to be broken because some traditions were holding us back as a civilized society and other traditions are sending us into the Dark Ages. I think with same-sex marriage, everybody has to think about, individually, “Is this a non-tradition that we have to deal with because it is the future and it is here.” To fight it, kicking and screaming, is not a viable option. It’s here. This is a controversial one because people are going to be like, “What is Rhymefest saying?” Some traditions are bad, some traditions are good, but tradition in itself is not the American way. To fight same-sex marriage is to fight tradition and that’s feudal and I think that’s a simple way to put it.

5. Open Your Mind


In 2013, I definitely see the success of a lot of independent hip-hop music. So when you look at people like Brother Ali and Killer Mike and even my upcoming album/book entitled, I Could Get Killed for This, I think real people in the streets are longing for something realer than the 25 year-old story of how much you’re balling. I think in 2013, those people that are doing that mainstream rap, they’re just going to be called lame because it’s old and it’s played out. The majority of the subject matter is old and played out.

Be sure to check back tomorrow when we hit the gas on what whips to check for this year.

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